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What is Triangulation?

by Team Goseeko

The method of measuring the chain angle of a framework of a triangle being formed by making the station on the surface of earth is called triangulation.

A chain of triangles is very rapid and economical if one surveys a narrow strip of terrain. 

In triangulation systems that angle less than 30 degree or more than 120 degree they are treated as ill-conditioned triangles and so it is not to be taken in survey work.

One treats angles more than 30 degree or less than 120 degree as well-conditioned and so one should consider and take it in surveying work.


  1. Firstly object of triangulation is to find the size and shape of the earth surface by performing the various observations for latitude, longitude and gravity.
  2. One uses it to fix the center line, terminal points and shafts for long tunnels.
  3. It is forms a network or a framework.
  4. The cadastral, hydrographical, engineering survey, topographical survey and also therefore other surveys are based on triangulation.
  5. It provides the most accurate and precise system of horizontal control.
  6. The system provides the desired checks on the computations and therefore One can select usually better triangles.
  7. One uses it to fix the center line of abutments for long bridges over large rivers is lastly.


  1. Firstly for plane and geodetic survey of large areas, One can use triangulation to establish more accurately located control points.
  2. Therefore it provides an accurate location of various engineering projects like center lines, terminal points and shafts for long tunnels, center lines and abutments for bridges of longer span.
  3. Triangulation used to establish accurately located control points in aerial surveying
  4. Lastly one uses Triangulation method widely for survey of larger areas like survey of nation, survey of state etc.

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