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What is Windows operating system?

by Bhumika

The Windows operating system from Microsoft is a graphical operating system. Users can use it to read and store files, run apps, play games, and watch videos, as well as connect to the internet. It was made available for both personal and professional use.

Microsoft Windows, usually known as Windows or Windows OS, is a personal computer operating system (OS) developed by Microsoft Corporation (PCs). The Windows operating system, which included the first graphical user interface (GUI) for IBM-compatible PCs, quickly dominated the PC market. Windows is install on around 90% of personal computers.

The first version of Windows, introduced in 1985, was merely a graphical user interface (GUI) added to Microsoft’s existing disc operating system, MS-DOS.

Editions of Windows operating system

Beginning with Windows XP, Microsoft released many editions of Windows. The underlying operating system is the same in all of these versions, however some incorporate further capabilities for a fee. The two most popular editions of Windows are:

  • Windows Home

Windows Home is the most basic version of the OS. It includes all of Windows’ essential features, such as web surfing, Internet connection, video game play, office software use, and video viewing. It’s also less priced and comes pre-installed on a lot of new laptops.

  • Windows Professional

Windows Professional (also known as Window Pro or Win Pro) is a version of Windows that runs on a PC. It’s a more powerful version of Windows that’s ideal for power users and small to medium-sized companies. It includes all of the features of Windows Home plus the following:

  • Remote Desktop
  • Hyper – V
  • Bitlocker 
  • Trusted Boot

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