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What are Toposheets?

by Team Goseeko

Toposheets is a topographic map which is a two dimensional representation of a three dimensional land surface.

Topographic maps are differentiated from the other maps in that they show both the horizontal and vertical position of the terrain.

Through a combination of contour lines, colours, symbols, labels and other graphical representation.

Topographic maps portray the shapes, location of mountains, and many other natural and manmade features.

To identify a map of a particular area, a map numbering system has been adopted by survey of India.

Toposheets classified according to scale:

  1. Large scale maps: Scale 1 in 1000 or less than 1000
  2. Medium scale maps: Scale from 1 in 1000 to 1 in 10000
  3. Small scale maps: Scale 1 in 10000 or greater than 10000


  1. Firstly toposheet contains valuable reference information for surveyors.
  2. It is also map makers including bench mark, baseline and meridian and are used in civil engineers .
  3. Therefore it is also used environmental managers and urban planners as well as by emergency service agencies and historians.
  4. Toposheet are extremely useful for planning various projects.
  5. As they provide the required data in most convenient form so that the construction can be planned.
  6. One can use toposheets for planning of a building complex, an industrial plant, a railway and an irrigation project.
  7. One can plan Bridges, tunnels and dams from the toposheets.
  8. These are also helpful for directing military operations at the time of war.
  9. Therefore one can use them for the development of hydroelectric schemes, landscape, architecture, environmental protection and agriculture.
  10. Lastly one uses it in earth science and many other graphic disciplines mining and other earth based endeavors.

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