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The term human–computer interaction (HCI) is used widespread since early 1980s. Second World War provided impetus …

The Digital to Analog converter is an electronic device which converts digital signal to analog signal. Weighted Resistor and R-2R Ladder are its types.

The block diagram of a TV communication system consists of a TV transmitter and a receiver. The transmitter consists of two units.

The microprocessor 8086 minimum mode and maximum mode operation is decided by signal MN/MX’. When the signal MN/MX’ = 1 the 8086 minimum mode is active.

We use small signal transistor model to analyze h-parameters. A transistor can be treated as a two port terminal.

Boolean algebra which deals  with variables and binary numbers. This algebra helps to simplify the Boolean variables

The three basic transistor configuration are CE, CB and CC. A transistor is a three terminal device Emitter, Base and Collector.

Superposition theorem is applicable to circuits with linear elements. They are not applicable to power since it is a non-linear quantity.

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The Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle is known as PSLV. This technology is the most challenging space program for the Indian space program till now.

The Delta Modulation has step size much smaller after quantization and also the sampling rate is much higher.

The Conventional Energy Sources are helpful in producing electrical power generation from Hydro, Thermal, Nuclear and Diesel power stations.

A multiple access protocol used for transmitting data through a shared network is called ALOHA.

CMOS is a new type of MOSFET logic is made combining both the PMOS and NMOS processes and is called complementary MOS.

Watchdog timer is a hardware microcontroller. It is basically used to take out a system from an infinite loop and resets the system.

The precision rectifier has the capability of rectifying voltages which are of smaller magnitude than the forward voltage drop.

Frequency Modulation is the technique in which the frequency of a carrier signal is varied according to the message signal.

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