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The term human–computer interaction (HCI) is used widespread since early 1980s. Second World War provided impetus …

The Digital to Analog converter is an electronic device which converts digital signal to analog signal. Weighted Resistor and R-2R Ladder are its types.

The microprocessor 8086 minimum mode and maximum mode operation is decided by signal MN/MX’. When the signal MN/MX’ = 1 the 8086 minimum mode is active.

We use small signal transistor model to analyze h-parameters. A transistor can be treated as a two port terminal.

The block diagram of a TV communication system consists of a TV transmitter and a receiver. The transmitter consists of two units.

Boolean algebra which deals  with variables and binary numbers. This algebra helps to simplify the Boolean variables

The three basic transistor configuration are CE, CB and CC. A transistor is a three terminal device Emitter, Base and Collector.

Superposition theorem is applicable to circuits with linear elements. They are not applicable to power since it is a non-linear quantity.

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ZigBee forms the upper layer for control and sensor applications. It is built above IEEE 802.15.4.

The 8051 interrupts are INT0, INT1,TO ,T1 , TI/RI. All these interrupts are controlled by IE (interrupt enable) register.

Cell splitting in mobile communication is the process in which the bigger cells split up into smaller ones.

FDMA allows users to transmit signals simultaneously to satellite transponders with the help of specific frequency to every user in a channel

The losses in optical fiber are Absorption loss, scattering loss, dispersion loss, radiation loss and coupling loss.

As proposed by Hendrik W. Bode a Bode Plot is simply a graphical representation used to design and analyze any control system.

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The Routh Hurwitz’s Criterion states that the system is stable if and only if all the elements in the first column have same algebraic sign.