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The reverse operation of the Decoder is performed by an encoder, which is a combinational circuit.

Decoders are combinational circuits that convert binary data into 2N output lines.

XML is an acronym for extensible markup language.

OS is a piece of software that serves as a link between the user and the computer hardware.

Object-Oriented Programming is a programming language that is used to create programmes.

Method Overloading occurs when a class has many methods with the same name but distinct parameters.

The Line Drawing Algorithm is a graphical algorithm for representing line segments on discrete graphical media, such as printers and pixel-based media."

A database management system is a software application that enables users to quickly construct, design, and edit databases.

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A deadlock happens when a set of processes becomes stuck because each one is holding a resource and waiting for another to get it.

JavaScript allows you to use the following operators : Arithmetic operators, Comparison operator and Assignment operator.

A type of entity-relationship model is the Entity-Relationship model (ER model).

The abbreviation for Java Database Connectivity (JDBC) is Java Database Connectivity.

JavaBeans is a portable, platform-agnostic model written in the Java programming language. The components that make it up are beans.

OS is a piece of software that serves as a link between the user and the computer hardware.

FD is a constraint in a database management system that specifies the relationship of one attribute to another attribute

A computer network is a collection of computers connected by a communication media like cable or wire.

The AVL Tree was invented in 1962 by GM Adelson - Velsky and EM Landis. In honour of its inventors, the tree was given the name AVL