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The reverse operation of the Decoder is performed by an encoder, which is a combinational circuit.

Decoders are combinational circuits that convert binary data into 2N output lines.

XML is an acronym for extensible markup language.

OS is a piece of software that serves as a link between the user and the computer hardware.

Object-Oriented Programming is a programming language that is used to create programmes.

Method Overloading occurs when a class has many methods with the same name but distinct parameters.

The Line Drawing Algorithm is a graphical algorithm for representing line segments on discrete graphical media, such as printers and pixel-based media."

A database management system is a software application that enables users to quickly construct, design, and edit databases.

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supervised learning involves the presence of a supervisor who also serves as an instructor.

A processor, also referred to as a "microprocessor," is a small chip used in computers and other electronic devices.

"Integrated Electronics" is what Intel stands for. Advanced Micro Devices is the abbreviation for Advanced Micro Devices.

Machine learning is an important part of data science's growing field. It is a branch of AI and computer science.

The abstract data type is a form of data that has a set of values and actions that determine its behaviour.

It handles service requests received from the transport layer and forwards them to the data link layer.

As technology evolves, it brings tremendous job opportunities for information technology engineers. Here we list top 10 jobs in this field.

Quick sort is the most efficient method of sorting .It uses the divide and conquer strategy to sort the elements.

Decoders are combinational circuits that convert binary data into 2N output lines.