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Matrices have a wide range of applications in various disciplines such as chemistry, Biology, Engineering, Statistics, economics, etc.

Graph theory is intimately related to many branches of mathematics. It is widely applied in subjects like, Computer Technology, Communication Science, Electrical Engineering, Physics, Architecture, Operations Research, Economics, Sociology, Genetics, etc. In the earlier stages it was called slum Topology. It also has uses in social sciences, chemical sciences, information retrieval systems, linguistics even in economics also.

A non-empty set R, equipped with two binary operations, called addition (+) and multiplication (.) is …

In calculus, the definite and indefinite integrals are the types of integration used to integrate the functions. The function can be exponential, power, logarithmic, constant, polynomial, or linear. These types of integral are used frequently to determine the area under the curve.

Overview(Maxima and minima)- A function f(x) is said to be maximum at x = a if …

Sample space: Set of all possible outcomes of a random experiment is known as sample space and we denote it by S, and the

Pigeonhole principle-If n pigeonholes are occupied by n + 1 or more pigeons, then at least one pigeonhole is occupied by more than one pigeon.

Bar diagrams are the most commonly used diagrams. Shape of a bar is like a Rectangle.

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The normal distribution which is also known as Gaussian distribution, is a continuous distribution.

In the narrow sense of the term, the theory of function of a complex variable is the theory of analytic functions (cf. Analytic function) of one or several complex variables.

The rule of L'Hospital's was given by  Guillaume de l'Hôpital. The technique discussed in this method is used to evaluate indeterminate forms. suppose we have two functions f(x) and g(x) and both are zero at x = a, then the fraction f(a)/ g(a) is called the indeterminate form 0/0.

Comparison test, which is also known as limit comparison test. we use this method to test the convergence of an infinite series.

introduction to the method of least squares- When we find the area of a triangle then it depends on base and height, hence we can say that area of the triangle is the function of base and height.

Sequencing: Processing n-jobs through 2 machines Consider n jobs (say 1,2, …n) to be processed on two machines A and B, in the order AB.

The characteristic equation is the equation which is used to find the Eigenvalues of a matrix. This is also called the characteristic polynomial.

The determinant of a matrix is a number that associated with the square matrix. This number may be positive, negative or zero.

This method was given by Leonhard Euler. Euler’s method is the first order numerical method for solving ordinary differential equations with given initial value.