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What is ERP Software?

by Team Goseeko

ERP Software is the current business environment is a rapidly changing one. Then the pace of change is continuously accelerating making it inevitable for organizations to reinvent themselves to succeed.

Organizations need to respond to changing customer needs and grab market opportunities as and when they arise.

Therefore the key to success for an organization in this rapidly changing business environment is to coordinate the supply chain.

Characteristics of ERP software:

  1. ERP is a packaged software solution and not custom built for a particular client though some degree of customization.
  2. Also they can be carried out to meet the requirements of the client.
  3. Therefore it is uses the best available practices in business processes.
  4. It also provides for their management and enables cross functional integration.
  5. Firstly ERP provides for data sharing possibilities and makes it available to the user on a real time basis.
  6. Lastly ERP does not provide strategic solutions and it is only an enabler and acts as the transactional backbone of the enterprise.


  1. Integration
  2. Flexibility
  3. In proved planning and decision making
  4. Latest technology
  • Tangible benefits
  • Intangible benefits


  1. One preliminary designs ERP solutions for the manufacturing sector and project industry.
  2. These solutions are not suitable for the service industry.
  3. Through developments they have still not been so widely accepted.
  4. The success of ERP hinges on the selection of the right package.
  5. One should carry out Optimum customization of the package.
  6. Need to match the software requirement and vice versa and hence one requires exhaustion detailing.

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