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Engineering Blogs

Bubble Sort evaluates and arranges each element individually based on its values.

A tree data structure is a non-linear data structure since it does not store data in a sequential order.

Threads exchange a non-negative variable called semaphore.

Scrum is a particular kind of Agile framework. Scrum is a method of working that is iterative.

A code is converted source code written in a high-level programming language to machine code into machine code for a specific architecture.

The stack's applications include the following: UNDO/REDO, Balancing of symbols, String reversal and Memory management etc.

Computer Engineering is one of the most versatile subjects offering a huge variety of jobs in the IT industry. Know how to land a job in it!

In the Greedy approach MST (Minimum Spanning Trees) is used to find the cost or the minimum path.

Frequency Modulation is the technique in which the frequency of a carrier signal is varied according to the message signal.

Interested in Electrical and Electronics Engineering? In this article, we have researched in-depth and enlisted the top 10 colleges of Electrical and Electronics Engineering in India.

The Digital to Analog converter is an electronic device which converts digital signal to analog signal. Weighted Resistor and R-2R Ladder are its types.

Boolean algebra which deals  with variables and binary numbers. This algebra helps to simplify the Boolean variables

The flip flop are the memory elements which are used in clocked sequential circuits. They store one bit of information.

The block diagram of a TV communication system consists of a TV transmitter and a receiver. The transmitter consists of two units.

Watchdog timer is a hardware microcontroller. It is basically used to take out a system from an infinite loop and resets the system.

The K-Map is used to simplify the Boolean Functions in a very easy way. The K-Map was introduced by Karnaugh. 

A cofferdam is a temporary structure designed to keep water and soil out of the excavation in which a bridge pier or other structure is built.

SBPS is a fast and accurate method of determining the location of any point of interest anywhere on the face of the earth of any time during day or night.

It is a process of cleaning water to destroy bacteria and all the microorganisms. In the harmful and harmless bacteria are killed

Depreciation is an assessment of physical wear and tear of a building and is naturally dependent on its original condition and mode of use.

Aggregates are the major ingredient of concrete which occupy 70 to 80 % of the volume of concrete. It increases the density of the concrete mix.

Mineralogy is the study of minerals. It deals with understanding their origin, physicochemical properties, magnetic and optical properties.

The load carrying capacity of river ganga is reduced so the load is deposited on the bed of the river to make it shallow.

In Reaction turbine, Pressure energy is first converted into kinetic energy before supplied to runner. It works on impulse reaction principle.

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Science Blogs

In 1960, Maiman constructed the Ruby laser. It is a three-level solid-state laser and is emitting red light of wavelength 694.3 nm.

Magnetic Hysteresis Curve represents the relation between magnetizing force (H) and magnetic flux intensity for ferromagnetic material.

CRO or Cathode Ray Oscilloscope displays and measures the electrical signals, time intervals and phase shift between two electrical signals.

LASER stands for “Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation”.

Nanotechnology is dealing with the characterization, design, production and various applications of nanostructures and nanosystems.

The group of high energy particles, which move closely to the speed of light is the cosmic ray. These rays are generating…

A predictable correlation of the amplitude and phase at any one point with another point is called coherence.

Drude and Lorentz gave classical free electron theory of metals theory in 1900. Another name for this is Drude –Lorentz theory of metals.

Diastereomers are compounds that can be defined as having similar sequence of bonded elements and same molecular formula, they are however non superimposable and non-mirror images

Optical activity is the ability of a chiral molecule to rotate the plane of plane-polarised light.some organic compounds cause the rotation of polarized light

Bakelite is a polymer made up of the monomers phenol and formaldehyde. This phenol-formaldehyde resin is a thermosetting polymer.

The Molecular orbital theory was utilised initially to emphasize the bonding in molecules as the valence band theory could not explain the bonding in molecules.

Calorific value is the amount of heat energy present in food or fuel and which is determined by the complete combustion of specified quantity at constant pressure and in normal conditions.

The Aufbau principle highlights the way in which the electrons are filled in the atomic orbitals of an atom in its ground state

free energy refers to the amount of internal energy in a thermodynamic system that is available to do work. There are different forms of thermodynamic free energy

Crystal field theory established in 1929 explains the interaction of the metal ion and the ligand as a pure electrostatic reaction

Basically correlation is the measurement of the strength of a linear relationship between two variables say x and y.

Linear programming is the technique we use in mathematics to minimize or maximize a linear function when subjected to various constraints.

An annuity is a sequence of equal payment or a sequence of regular payment at regular intervals or in other words.

When we find the area of a triangle then it depends on base and height, hence we can say that area of the triangle is the function of base and height. In other words, when we have a mathematical function having more than one variables, we use partial differentiation.

Simpson’s rules are very useful in numerical integration to evaluate such integrals.

A distribution is said to be a binomial distribution if the following conditions are met. 1. Each trial has a binary outcome (One of the two outcomes is labeled a ‘success’)

Taylor series method to solve the first order ordinary differential equation- The general first order differential equation

The inverse of a matrix is the same idea. If there is a matrix A then its inverse is written as A-1.

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Asset reconstruction company is a specialised financial institution/ non-banking institution that are engaged in the business of purchasing ill assets/ non-performing assets of companies/banks.

The functions of Lok Sabha are described in the following: 1. Legislation Its legislative powers and functions extend to all subjects on…

India, also known as Bharat, is a coalition of states.

Cost analysis is concerned with determining the money value of input used for production which is called as overall cost of production.

The income elasticity is measures the sensitivity of quantity demanded for a goods or services to a change in consumer’s income

Exchange Rate is the value of one country’s currency and another country’s or economic zone’s currency. For example, how much does it…

Monopolistic competition there are large numbers of buyers and sellers which do not sell homogeneous products

What is small finance bank? Small finance bank is a niche banking system.

There are 7 C's of communication to create an effective interaction at all the levels of personal and official life

Time management is the art of managing your tasks in an effective manner in order to meet goals and deadlines

Proxemics is derived from the word 'proximity' which means closeness or nearness & helps understand in what way people use the physical space

Chronemics or time language is the study of the use of time in non verbal communication

Negotiation skills are used in an interaction between two or more people with the intention of having advantageous results

Communication skills are the abilities you use when giving and receiving different types of information.

The ability to analyze information and experiences, in an objective way is Critical Thinking

Kinesics a technical term term for body language.

What is B.Com? Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com) is one of the most popular undergraduate courses in India. Students who opt for B.Com…

National Education Policy 2020 makes it easier for students to earn a degree and have flexibility in choosing their own classes

When it comes to learning, not everyone follows the same pattern – some students are more productive in the morning, some find…

Online Learning is new to indian students but there’s nothing to worry about! We have a few tips to help you adjust seamlessly

Apart from Google, there are a number of websites dedicated to academic research purposes. In this article, we will discuss the top 5 websites that are specifically designed for academic research.

In this blog we explore the Top 10 Study Channels on YouTube popular among students

There are a lot of smart, interesting, educational youtube channels. In this article, we will discuss the top 10 engineering youtube channels for engineers

First things first – let’s admit the fact that the life of a student runs on a roller coaster track. Long studying…

We may get the right jobs only if we develop special skills and qualifications. Finding the right job for oneself is difficult, not impossible!

Failure to take trending courses can cause lack of skills necessary for finding a job or retaining one during the new normal.

Now, with the current covid-19 situation in mind, GoSeeko will discuss online part-time jobs that students can do from their homes.

As a B.Tech graduate or student, you must have questions regarding the best career choices after completing Engineering. Your brain might be…

In light of the current situation, it is quite difficult to land internship during COVID-19, but GoSeeko is here to discuss and help you!

Know the importance of internships for college students. Here you will also explore differnent types of internships and how can you get one.

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Scholarships for engineering students – Government-funded A major chunk of scholarships is contributed by different government departments at central and state level…

We have not seen a market like this in the last 5 years. Frankly, the talent market is super hot right now.…

Mechanical engineering is the most ancient branch of engineering but now, it has come up with new trends that align with our…

A programmer analyst is responsible for designing, coding, and testing new programs along with providing detailed documentation of the process using flowcharts…

DevOps engineers often manage IT infrastructure, provision resources, oversee software testing, and monitor performance after release. These workers help simplify code updates,…

Systems analysts design techniques to help solve business problems by analyzing IT systems in the organization. They’re responsible for investigating issues and…

Candidates seeking such jobs will have to go a step ahead and acquire a robust skill set to be a domain expert…

Witnessing a sharp demand after Covid 19, Indian IT firms have lined up robust hiring plans for 2021-22. The top four IT…

Technology in India is advancing at a huge pace, and all sectors that are building on tech, will definitely emerge as winners.…