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What is a Development Plan ?

by Pratiksha

 Development plan is also known as a master plan. Development defined as the carrying out of building, engineering, mining or other operations.

A Development plan defined as a general plan for future layout of a city showing both the existence and therefore proposed streets. It is prepared either for improvement of an old city or for a new town to be developed on virgin soil.

A plan is an ideal plan showing the full development of the town at a future date. A developments plan is nothing more than a skeleton prepared on various assumptions.

If properly prepared it ensures that the development and growth of various parts of the town will be in harmony and proper proportion.

Importance of DP

  1. To control haphazard development and make the area sustainable.
  2. They control the development of industrial clusters.
  3.  To club the mitigation of rural population indirectly.
  4.  Dp to cut down the problems arising from overcrowding of the area such as shortage of houses, water supply and traffic congestion.
  5.  To develop the connection between regional plans and other short term action plans.

Objectives of DP

  1. Firstly, Serving as a policy framework to fulfill the needs and aspirations of the community.
  2. Secondly, Promoting large interests of society.
  3. Providing effective coordination between physical and political forces that are responsible for the formulation of society and to regulate it.
  4. Formulation sustainable development of the region in all aspects such as functional and efficient needs of human activities.
  5. Lastly, Providing the following aspects to life may be seen after successful implementation of DP. Then such as safety, housing facility, water supply and sanitation etc.

Stages to preparation of Development Plan

  1. Collection of data and relevant information from civic survey and other resources.
  2. Preparation of a tentative draft of the development plan. Also notifying the same for comments, sugg. and discussion from experts and the public.
  3. Consideration of view received from experts.
  4. Also the public with sympathy and without any prejudice.
  5. Preparation of revised development plan accommodating the good aspects of comments received from experts and public also
  6. Determination of the sequence in which the development plan will be implemented.

Basic contents of development plan

  1. Index or table of contents
  2. Policies( general provisions)
  3. Policies ( Zones provisions)
  4. Tables
  5. Maps

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