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What is a Green Building ?

by Pratiksha

Green building are the systems that make certain green use of herbal assets like constructing materials, water strength and different assets with a minimum era of non degradable waste. Green buildings have a smarter lighting system that automatically switches off when no one is present inside the room.

Necessity of Green Building:

  1. Buildings have a major environmental impact during their life.
  2. Resources intensive materials provide structure to a building and landscaping add beauty to it.
  3. Energy consuming structures for lightning air con and water heating offer consolation to its occupants. 
  4. Water, any other important aid for the occupant, receives fed on constantly at some point of constructing creation and operation.
  5.  Buildings are therefore one of the principal pollutants that have an effect on city air exceptionally and make a contribution to weather change. 
  6. It is a recognized truth that it charges greater to layout and assemble a inexperienced constructing as compared to different constructing

Benefits of Green Building:

  1. A green building has lower resource consumption as compared to conventional buildings.
  2. Green buildings consume 40 to 60 % less electricity as compared to conventional buildings.
  3. They are also used to generate renewable energy utilization to cater to its energy needs.
  4. Green buildings  consume 40% to 80% less water as compared to conventional buildings.
  5. It is generate less waste by employing waste management strategies on site.
  6. Green buildings generate lesser pollutants each at some point of creation in addition to at the same time as in use.

Salient features:

  1. Green building design challenges designers to go beyond meeting building code requirements. Also minimize life cycle environmental impact and cost.
  2. Use dimensional planning and other materials efficiency strategies.
  3. Zero water discharge and 100% water recycling.
  4. 50% saving in energy
  5. Reduction in requirement of water by 35% to 49% 
  6. Waterless urinals
  7. Roof gardening
  8. Use of cavity wall
  9. Also use of high performance glasses for glazing
  10. Use of wind turbines

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