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What are the types of Reservoir?

by Team Goseeko

On the basis of purpose of construction of reservoir,it is classified into three types:

  1. Storage reservoir
  2. Flood Control reservoir
  3. Distribution reservoir

1.Storage reservoir:

  • One constructed this reservoir to store water which flows during the high flow, during rainy season and one uses the same during the dry summer seasons.
  • It can serve the purpose of irrigation, hydel power generation, domestic and industrial water supply.
  • In some cases, reservoirs also help to control the floods.
  • So on the basis of requirement, these reservoirs can be single purposed or multi- purposed.

2.Flood Control reservoir:

  • To reduce the danger and the damage due to the floods, One constructs the flood control reservoirs.
  • One calls it as flood protection reservoir.
  • Generally these reservoirs are of single purposed type of reservoirs.
  • One divided Flood control reservoirs into two types:
  1. Retarding Reservoirs
  2. Detention Basins
  • Retarding Reservoirs: It has outlets and one does not control spillway by valves or gates.
  • Detention Basins: It has outlets and one controls spillways by gates or valves.

3.Distribution reservoir:

  • It is a small storage reservoir which one uses to make domestic water supply to the urban areas to meet the varying demands of the consumer at different period of a day.
  • The one pumps the water into the reservoir, at a constant rate and one supplies it to the consumers when people reduces the water demand.
  • And when the demand is high, one supplies water through the storage tank.

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