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What is Specification?

by Team Goseeko

Specification includes provision of overall information such as description of all workmanship, materials and methods of working to complete.

Therefore it can be defined as furnishing detailed information about qualities of material, their property and proportion in which they are to be mixed.


  1. Specification helps to decide the cost of the overall quantity of work.
  2. Firstly one requires it to describe the quality and quantity of different materials required for different construction work.
  3. Therefore it is an essential contract document and one requires it for arbitration.
  4. Lastly as the cost of work is directly related to work.


  1. Brief specification
  2. Detailed specification
  1. General
  2. Technical 
  3. Standard 
  1. Brief specification:

Firstly these are specifications that briefly describe the items of construction. It is also useful to quantity surveyors in preparing estimates of work.

  1. Detailed specification:

Therefore detailed specifications are part of the contract document and detailed specifications for different items are prepared separately.

  1. General:

However these general provisions which are known as conditions of contract are applicable to the work as a whole. And also the conditions governing the contract are mentioned in such documents and have been already explained.

  1. Technical:

Firstly in technical provision the details as regards desired quality of finished product and items of construction are clearly specified.

  1. Standard:

Lastly this  saves valuable time, labour, stationary expenditure and complete work with less time.

Therefore government department like PWD publishes these specifications and are available in the form of a booklet.

Good requirements of Specification:

  1. Wording
  2. Language
  3. Dual meaning
  4. Information
  5. Practical information
  6. Use of abbreviation
  7. Fairness 

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