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Top 10 Jobs In Computer Engineering

by Team Goseeko

Finding the right job is a daunting task. It’s the kind of job you are looking for but getting a placement in the proper organization for the right job role is not a matter of a joke. It needs quality education and in-depth knowledge of your interest field. So, guys, if you are looking for a high-paying computer engineering jobs then continue reading this article till the end.

We always act as a support system for job-seekers and information gathers. So, to help you out, we have explored the field of computer engineering and found significant opportunities for graduates who have a degree in computer engineering. After checking and analyzing a lot of jobs, we have created a list of the top 10 computer engineering jobs. You can choose any of them as per your interest and skill set.

10 Best Computer Engineering Jobs in the Market

Software Engineer

The main job role of software engineers is to develop, design, and software apps testing. Generally, they work in labs, companies, firms, organisations, etc. If you are interested in becoming a software engineer, you just need a degree in computer engineering.

 Certain skills that are helpful to be a software engineer are knowledge of various languages such as python, java, etc. You can pursue a master’s degree as well if you are interested. To add value to your resume, you can enhance your soft skills such as communication skills, intrapersonal skills, or technical skills. The average salary of a software engineer is 60,000 per month.

Software Developer

As a software developer, you are responsible for processing the need of customers to design android applications and websites. Your designed software must fulfill the needs of customers. To be a developer, you need to earn a bachelor’s degree in computer engineering.

 To impress the employer, you should have in-depth knowledge of your academic subjects. Your job role is assigned as per your skill sets and requirements of the company.  The average salary of a software developer is 80 000 per month.

Computer Engineer

The computer engineers are responsible for designing and building various software and hardware systems and infrastructure. Their objective is to design a PC processor, network, digital platforms, and circuit boards. Generally, they worked for big multinational corporations, research laboratories, and manufacturing firms. The candidate must require a bachelor’s degree in computer engineering to secure a repudiated organisation job. The average salary of a computer engineer is 40000 per month.

Hardware Engineer 

As a hardware engineer, you must know the internal and external components of the computer. They design new components of hardware and test the previous hardware components. 

They analyze and interpret the test data & find suitable conclusions to understand what needs to be changed to eliminate the error so that electrical systems & computers under their control can function perfectly. Your best buddies for this job are microprocessors & circuit boards.

System Engineer

To be a system engineer, developing certain skills to perform the job perfectly, like in-depth knowledge of Linux and Python language. Apart from this, communication skills are equally important. The most critical part of this job is to decode the technology to make people understand the working of I.T systems. 

Most of your time will be in solving the system bugs and recovering the important mails. All you just need to apply for this particular job is a bachelor’s degree in computer engineering. The average salary of a system engineer is 30k per month.

Electrical Engineer

If you are a graduate of computer engineering, you can apply for an electrical engineer job. Mainly they are responsible for designing electrical devices to fulfill the requirement of a comfortable lifestyle. If you are interested and looking forward to applying for this job, you must know how to design, develop, and create something related to communication tools and IT. The Average salary of electrical engineers is 35,000 per month.

Data Scientist

Master of data science domain called as a data scientist. They are mainly responsible for calculating value out of complex data. They collect data from various sources such as company repositories and blogs, websites, and blogs for further assessment. This data helps to tackle present company challenges and build a strategy for further development.

Computer Network Architect

To maintain the data communication system and network, computer network architect hired by the organisation and firms. It comprises LAN, WAN, intranets, & extranets. Also, they are responsible for upgrading the hardware and software of computers.

Database Administrator

Since database administrators play the main role in the functioning of the company database daily, they are liable to take proper maintenance, tracking, and monitoring of the database. They are also responsible for implementing security measures and looking for modifications for the company’s proper functioning.

Information System Manager

The main job of the Information System Manager is maintenance & implementation of information technology and computers within the company. They play a significant role in the company.

They ensure that all the software applications, computer systems, and other hardware/software components run effectively.

Surely being a computer engineering graduate in the current market is demanding and profitable. However, having add on skills related to your subject, is always a plus. Hirers want more candidates who are efficient with added hard skills related to their subjects. That could be like learning languages such as Python, Java, Android training, Django Programme, and so on. Along with it, students possessing soft skills like speaking or personality development skills are also preferred. 

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