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10 Things Students Should Know Before They Start Working

by Team Goseeko

Looks like you landed yourself a job, or you are finding one. Now, it’s completely fine to be confused about how you represent yourself at your working space. Goseeko is a student- friendly platform, dedicated to bringing opportunities to students via their own merit.

Before entering into your working life, it is essentially important to know the difference between your workspace and your student life. You’ll notice certain basic differences in the following major aspects:

Critical Thinking

Do you feel that you are not skilled enough to land a job after your degree? Don’t worry, it is absolutely normal to feel anxious about your future. Although the number of skills you possess do not actually matter in your college, yet it does once you land in the working market.


Thinking outside the box requires skill. Recruiters hunt for both subject oriented skills as well as soft skills like team-spirit, punctuality etc. Even looking at an issue with a completely different perspective requires precision and talent. So, you might want to express your talents by being creative to build up your reputation and prove yourself by recommendations from various internships.

Social Environment

Adjusting with your peers at your working place and even to the tight schedule of your work hours might not be as easy as it seems. It is essential to keep your calm and also take charge of situations. Adjustability is one of the prime features that you need to learn to adapt. 

Sometimes your dream job might not be near your family hence you may have to change your habituated place. The person who may withstand all these problems, would find themselves ready for their work life. Don’t worry, this is not easy but definitely you will be able to do it! Pursue your hobby, learn an instrument, visit your new office city; all that would definitely help you cope with the social environment.


In the working space, it is important to maintain a formal personality. This consists of a confident persona based on your formal communication skills.


If you are still struggling to speak in english with a proper formal communication skill, you may need to learn spoken English as well as job skills. GoSeeko provides you the opportunity to learn to converse in English, develop personality with interactive sessions or group discussions.


Working with people requires patience and perseverance. Also, hearing out everyone and not overshadowing anyone is something to be deeply considered. You might find situations difficult to deal with, but doing tough tasks will always build up your reputation. In a professional environment, you’re expected to treat others with respect and work together towards your goal.

Responsibilities and Self-management

Responsibilities strike hard once you’re an adult. As an adult, you are expected to be responsible and with a strong sense of judgement. Skipping a day at work is not the same as skipping a day at college. The higher authorities and your boss won’t be pleased to see that you’ve dropped a day. Also, you might have to work through the weekend to make up for the lost day.

You have to take care of yourself and your responsibilities by being mature. You don’t want to be micromanaged and under babysit by your senior coworkers. Management of everything around you as smoothly as possible and training yourself to improve your self-management skills is highly recommended.

Dressing Sense


I know you have a favorite pair of jeans and Jordans that you can hop in any time and get your confidence levels skyrocketing. However, that might not be the best outfit for a formal environment like your office. You have to look professional and formal. Formal looks produce the best impressions in a work-space.


Punctuality is one of the foremost embedded attitudes that you’re expected to execute at work. You don’t want to keep your boss waiting for you. You will have tough projects, with a narrow deadline. The more punctual you can be, the better your reputation will develop as an employee. This good reputation will help you in the long run.


Work-life might be monotonous and boring. You’ll lack the company of your college buddies, you’ll lack their companionship. It all comes at the cost of being self-independent, which must be one of the top priorities. 

However, work-life has a lot to offer too. You’ll gain experience in your work-field, and once you develop a liking for your job, you’ll not even realize how time flies by. You can also look into your old hobbies and give them a polish to make yourself feel refreshed.

No Self-promotion

Workspace is very competitive. You’ll have to push your way through the charts here. Promotion hugely depends on your experience and degrees. The more degrees you get, the easier it might be to achieve a promotion. 

Along with it, the experience you develop through the years will help you achieve higher levels. So basically you’ll be completely dependent on the industry-specific skills for your promotion. Degrees in specific subjects are also considered to be useful in attaining a promotion.

Outpacing Your Boredom

Your job might seem monotonous and that might lead to boredom. But when you’ll have a secured and affordable life, it’ll all be worth it. And don’t worry, each company has their festive seasons to entertain their employees. So, you’ll get the chance to show everyone how well you can play a guitar. It’s also not difficult to make friends at work. You’ll always have people around to help you.

It is important to be job ready even before you get in that interview. Make sure to make yourself prepared for it by learning from our career code to crack interviews and job entries!

So, we hope this was helpful to you to give you a summary of your do’s and don’ts for every job.Are you seeking for skills for placements? You are in the right place! GoSeeko has been the companion for students preparing to either crack exams like GATE, CAT, CEPTA, ISS etc., or, preparing oneself for the job sector. With just a subscription, seasonally or yearly, you could unlock all these programmes all at once!

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