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Top 10 Jobs in Bachelor Of Accounting & Finance (BAF)

by Team Goseeko

Accounts and finance are the core of every organization. They can either break the organization or build it to a sky level. While there are tons of jobs in the domain, it is important to know which job will suit you.

With a BAF degree, getting an entry-level job won’t be too difficult. If you have a Bachelor’s degree in Accounts & Finance and are looking for a good entry-level job, then you are at the right place. 

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List of Jobs After Completing BAF

Here, we have made a list of all the jobs you can try your hand after completing your Bachelor of Accounting & Finance. These jobs are entry-level and will help you gain experience for future purposes. 

  1. Accountant

Average Salary: 2LPA 

The first choice that you have is the job of an Accountant. Most of the students are eligible for the position of Junior Accountant in many organizations after completing their BAF.

Your work would mostly be to handle the records and analyze all the balance sheets of the company. Besides that, you might even have to prepare some financial reports.

  1. Operations Manager

Average Salary: 4.4LPA

The job of an operation manager is to handle all the HR duties of the company. It would include handling the recruitment process, organizing the training manual for the freshers, and much more. 

The operations manager is even responsible for suggesting any policy changes to the head of HR. An operations manager’s job is similar to that of an HR but at a junior level.

  1. Financial Controller

Average Salary: 9.3LPA

The job of a finance controller is to maintain the budget of the company. If a company or organization does not have a proper budget, then everything will become a mess. To avoid this from happening, a financial controller is present in the organization. 

You have to manage the company’s budget, prevent overspending, and handle all the payroll related things. A good financial controller can help a company achieve their profit goals. 

  1. Financial Analyst

Average Salary: 4.1LPA

Here, the analyst has to inspect all about stock markets and determine the risks involved in each investment. 

After doing the analysis, the person then has to create reports stating the stocks and investments that will profit the company. If the analyst knows which areas are perfect for investment, then the company would gain profit and would have a good hike in its revenue. 

  1. Financial Advisor

Average Salary: 3.8LPA

Many business people and entrepreneurs are looking for financial advisors who can help them in investing properly. If you have a knack for finance and have your degree in BAF, you can apply for the financial advisor position.

The job would mainly consist of helping the clients set up their retirement plans, helping them out in insurance plans,or even reaching their financial goals faster. It is all about handling the financial needs and requirements of the person.

  1. Company Secretary

Average Salary: 6.3LPA

The next option that you have is that of a company secretary or CS. The job of a CS is to maintain the company’s legal status and let the investors and board members know about their legal duties.

Besides that, a CS has to maintain law and order of the company. To become a CS, you have to take the entrance exam, CSEET(Company Secretary Executive Entrance Test), after which you can work.

  1. Chartered Financial Analyst

Average Salary:  6.8LPA

A Chartered Financial Analyst or CFA is responsible for maintaining all the financial records of the firm. It is a post introduced by an American -based CFA institute and has proved to be of great help for various BAF graduates.

 It covers all topics of investments, financial analysis, and similar subjects. The job role of a Chartered Financial Analyst includes wealth and relationship management, trading, auditing, financial planning, analysing credits etc.

  1. Financial Risk Manager

Average Salary: 11.8LPA

The job of an FRM is to use all the related financial tools available in the firm and detect all kinds of risks that the firm might face. You would have to analyse all kinds of risks, detect their source, the job threat, and provide it to the firm for better investments in the future.

  1. Chartered Accountant

Average Salary: 6LPA

Becoming a CA after getting a Bachelor of Accounting and Finance degree is one of the most popular choices. Though the process is a bit lengthy; it is a learning one and the result is pretty good. 

You have to give the exams for qualifying, work under a CA for experience, and then appear for the final exams. The exam every student aiming to become CA has to go through is Chartered Accountant Common Proficiency Test(CA CPT), conducted by the ICA(Institute of Chartered Accountants).

The chief duties of a CA is to prepare monthly financial reports, supervise the accounting group, oversee and review registers and online bank payments, maintain agreements with state revenue services, and so on.

  1. Mortgage Advisor

Average Salary: 5LPA

Many people don’t know much about mortgages and invest blindly in them. A mortgage advisor can help those people better and tell them the risks and profits they would be getting from the investment. 

So, these were some of the jobs you can apply for if you have a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting and Finance. However, before you do that, make sure to apply for some internships and gain some experience. After all, experience shows dedication towards your field and technical knowledge that makes you stand apart.

Various organizations, national as well as international, are accepting interns with a degree in bachelor of accounting and finance(BAF) for various positions. That would help you to know the job better and will even add to your resume. Make a resume that impresses the interviewer and keeps them updated about your achievements. Use the easy resume builder that helps you to make a professional resume at one go!

Apart from getting a degree, a well-paid job requires skills like interpersonality skills, speaking skills, and previously done courses that enhance your resume. Or are you seeking mentorship to choose a definite career? 

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