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10 Best Engineering Youtube Channels

by Joy_Chemistry

Youtube is no more about fun videos and blogs about beauty, there is a lot of smart , educational and interesting facts and channels that provide creative information, inspiring facts and also a whole new things to learn.A few videos especially focus on the overall development of an individual bringing about a holistic approach and increase in the knowledge in a particular field. More and more youtube videos are on the rise and choosing them from a range of slots is a wise decision.

  1. Interesting Engineering Engineering is continuously redefining and transforming the world around us. We bring you the most up to date information on how these changes are being made and what their impact is.they are the cutting edge and leading community, and designed by those who have a love for engineering technology and science.

2. Engineering.com

They believe that each member of the engineering community has a story that can change the future of Engineering. Their mission is to help engineering minds to be better by sharing in depth content and valueble resources. Sharing projects with passion and like minded people and making the journey of the engineers memorable. Also showcasing and and rewarding innovative projects.

3. CrashCourse

The Crashcourse is an Edutainment channel created by multitalented educators ,authors and vloggers. They deal with everything from Physics to litreature. Though the course does it job on covering all the aspects, the introduction to new things is slowly picking up

4. Minute Physics

The range of diagrams that pop up in the lives of all engineers is one of a kind. We could even argue that the pre-processing of many stimulations bears a striking resemblance to the practice .Minute physics has found the way and covers many topics with figures, illustrations force diagrams and many more.

5. Learn Engineering (Lesics)

It is an Educational engineering channel that was formed in 2012, if the interest lies in weird experiments and and internet sensations then this channel is your best bet. the channel purely strips engineering to its basics and also explain complicated technologies, they cover a wide range of fields from aerospace to thermal engineering, the animated videos are clear and straight forward.

6. Smarter Everyday

A lot of Fascinating videos on science engineering, and medicine is portrayed in an interesting manner. The videos does make us think and act smarter every single day.

7. Engineering Guy

The videos provide a detail explanation of the engineering of everyday objects.it emphasizes on the creativity of engineers. the videos are very informative and highlights some amazing facts about each subjects. The information is reliable and a visual treat to the eyes.

8. The Engineering Mindset

It was started by Paul Evans in 2015, its mission was to help engineers, students and teachers to understand the subject better, it is also referred to as” engineering habits of the mind’, refers to the values , attitudes ad thinking skills associated with engineers. This helps engineers to tackle the challenges they meet in their professional life. Engineering is a way of thinking, in fact it is a mindset.

9. Electrical 4u

Electrical 4u is dedicated to teaching and sharing everything that relates to electrical and electronics engineering. they posses various useful articles ranging from diodes to control system. they deal with the basics of electrical and electronics and hence for beginers its a wonderful experience.

10. All about Electronics

Electronics that comprises of physics, engineering, technology, applications that deal with the flow and control of electrons in vacuum and matter. Electronics has a major effect on modern society with new inventions and modification of theories, one needs to be updated in all areas.

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