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What is 5G?

by Team Goseeko

5G is the new technology in the field of cellular network. It is the technology with many advantages over the old generation of cellular networks. The design of 5G is such that it will increase the speed, reduce error and make it more flexible for wireless communication. It can offer speeds up to 2Gbps.

Working of 5G

This technology has improved architecture and also utilizes the spectrum which was unused in 4G. Then the technology is called Multiple input and multiple output abbreviated as MIMO is employed. This has many transmitters and receivers so that large data can be transferred. It is not just limited to new radio spectrum. This will have a software platform for networking. It will provide advancements in virtualization, cloud based technology.

The business process automation allows the 5G to be flexible enough to provide easy user access any time.5G networks can create software-defined subnetwork constructs known as network slices. These slices enable network administrators to dictate network functionality based on users and devices.


  • Basically it can utilize large bandwidth and offers high resolution.
  • Also it is very efficient.
  • Then this technology to facilitate subscriber supervision tools for the quick action.
  • Most likely, will provide a huge broadcasting data (in Gigabit), which will support more than 60,000 connections.
  • Then we can be easily manageable with the previous generations.
  • This also helps the technological sound to support heterogeneous services (including private network).
  • Moreover it makes possible to provide uniform, uninterrupted, and consistent connectivity across the world.

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