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How to Land a Job After Electrical Engineering

by Team Goseeko

Electrical engineering, one of the core courses of engineering discipline, deals with the study of design, development, and maintenance of electrical systems. As well as having technical knowledge, electrical engineers need to be able to project manage and multitask.

However, getting a job even after doing electrical engineering, is a different story. Especially due to severe competition, the process of landing in a job has become difficult, but it is achievable. 

If you want to know the tricks to grab the attention of the hiring manager, you are in the right place! Firstly let’s find out what exactly is expected out of an electrical engineering student.

Duties of an Electrical Engineer 

Electrical engineers layout, produce and possess electrical management structures and additives to required specifications. Their work focuses on economy, satisfaction, reliability, safety, sustainability.

The electric device that they layout and produce are used throughout many sectors, along with:

  • the constructing enterprise and offerings, including lighting, heating, and airflow;
  • shipping and delivery networks;
  • production and creation;
  • composition and distribution of electricity.

Electrical engineers are concerned with tasks from the concept and element of the design, implementation, checking out, and handover. they may be involved in protection programs.

Along with owning technical expertise, electric engineers are hired to undertake managing, and multitasking roles. In addition, they need to have business consciousness and extra attributes. That is inclusive of crew leadership or management skills as it is required to progress in their career.

Most electric engineers work in a multi-disciplinary mission team that consists of engineers from different professional regions in addition to architects, advertising and sales personnel, manufacturers, technicians, and customer support employees.

Each year with thousands of engineering students graduating, it is hard to get noticed by the employer. Here are 6 ways to make your mark and get into a job of your wish after pursuing electrical engineering.

1. Creating a Resume-

Any candidate is distinguished with the kind of resume he/she presents for selection. Always remember, “The first impression is the last impression”. Before you could show your true potential, your poorly done resume could even cost you a good job! 

A good resume with an adequate picture of your potential, abilities and qualifications, is important. Are you not confident about your resume? Use our resume builder, prepared for job aspirants by professionals. 

2. Finding the Right Degree-

Engineering as such is a huge field of job hence, understanding your strongest skill set is the most important step. A student should opt for the stream he is interested in and similarly know about the concentration he/she is supposed to get in. 

 A graduate degree usually consists of 3-4 years of in-depth studying and training in engineering industries, preparing students for their work life. This requires a huge amount of dedication and interest towards the subject, hence this move should be well thought of.

3. Being Electrical Engineering Intern-

An internship is the brief period of any student pursuing jobs. Here they work for industries, companies, or even start-ups to understand work and its details. This is that phase of a future engineer’s life that helps them understand which skill they excel at and apply to the industries based on their knowledge. 

It is also a huge experience to prepare students for the real duties an electrical engineer undergoes. This is not just relating to the theoretical work, but also communicating with people and answering their concerns, and even to other departments along with seniors. The majority of the companies give jobs to interns based on their good work and conduct, hence the internships must be taken seriously.

4. Apply for a Government Job or PSU-

After gaining the proper education, if a student thinks he/she is ready for the public sector, then they need to apply to examinations like GATE or IES. Such examinations are a good opening for government jobs. 

Government jobs might be the best pick for you! These jobs are a safe haven for students especially when electrical engineers are required!

5. Applying to Private Sectors or Private Jobs-

It would be a lie if the truth is not admitted about the private sector having extreme exposure and at a higher pay rate. In developing nations the entire country is always in a process of construction. Therefore, electrical engineers work in real estates, industries and infrastructure projects, and construction, to construct a nation. 

Hence any electrical engineer graduate, who has got their certificates should start applying to big companies of the country.

6. Start a New Venture-

What could be better than working for yourself in a field you are confident about, rather than working for someone else? Be your boss and proceed to a journey that is under your understanding and build a self-made growing company. In other words, it would be appropriate if you hire individuals who are new to this field and start with similar ambitions.

 Although it would not be the easiest thing, with hard work, dedication, patience, and teamwork, you can make it. Honestly, one could start at any age to attain success in what you do. After all, every big company was once a small start-up, consisting of people dreaming big.

Although getting a job is not the easiest thing, it is not impossible. With a presentable resume, an expert guidance from professionals and certificates of special courses, you can easily be the number one choice for hirers.

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