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The registers are formed using a group of flip flops. The shift registers are mainly used for transferring data or storing multiple bits.

The State transition matrix is that matrix whose product with the state vector at initial time gives the value of variable x for time t.

An Analog to Digital converter is an electronic device which is used to convert analog signal into digital signal.

A Digital to Analog converter is an electronic device which converts digital signal to analog signal. The digital signals are in the form 0,1.

A function is said to be positive Real function if it has all the poles and zeros on the left half of the S-plane. Re[ H(jw) ] >=0 for all ‘w’

Cell splitting in mobile communication is the process in which the bigger cells split up into smaller ones.

DC Potentiometer is an instrument which measures voltage, current and resistance. It can be used to calibrate ammeter and voltmeter.

Nyquist Stability Criterion gives the frequency response as well as comments on the stability and the relative stability of the system.

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Electronics and Telecommunications Engineering is one of the most popular and fast-growing disciplines in engineering. Here, in this article, we will discuss in-depth about the top 10 jobs in the field of Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering in India.

The Feedback amplifiers increase the signal strength by providing feedback back to the system at the input end.

The Conventional Energy Sources are helpful in producing electrical power generation from Hydro, Thermal, Nuclear and Diesel power stations.

The precision rectifier has the capability of rectifying voltages which are of smaller magnitude than the forward voltage drop.

The circuit which produces the samples of the input voltage and holds those values for a definite amount of time is sample and hold circuit.

Transducer is a device which converts physical quantity or energy of one form to signal or energy of another form.

In order to make communication more safer and reliable digital signals are used. The basic digital modulation techniques are ASK, PSK,FSK and MSK

A PLC consists of CPU, I/O input and output, memory and software.

The Switched mode power supply is abbreviated as SMPS is used to convert the regulated DC output voltage from unregulated DC or AC voltage.