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Norton’s equivalent is obtained by source conversion of Thevenin’s equivalent circuit. The short circuit current is then given as Isc=Vth/Rth

The concept of data communication in GPRS is similar to the GSM network. GPRS has data rates of 9.6 to 171 kbps.

Synchronous counter is designed to count the number of clock pulses. This counter is clocked with the same clock signal and at the same time

Errors may rise from different sources and are classified as gross error, systematic error and random errors.

The K-Map is used to simplify the Boolean Functions in a very easy way. The K-Map was introduced by Karnaugh. 

These standards mainly represent the units of measurements which are close to the possible accuracy with help of present day technological.

A number system is a way of writing any number. It can be represented by using any symbols or digits. It provides distinctive representation.

A single-phase induction motor has a cage winding on its rotor and single phase winding on the stator. The size of these motors is very small.

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The IMPATT diode (Impact ionization Avalanche Transit-Time) is one which is used in high frequency applications and is a high power diode.

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Superposition theorem is applicable to circuits with linear elements. They are not applicable to power since it is a non-linear quantity.

Errors may rise from different sources and are classified as gross error, systematic error and random errors.

The DC Motor is an electrical machine which converts mechanical energy into electrical energy. It works on the principle of induced emf.

An interrupt is a condition that arises during the working of a microprocessor. The interrupts of 8086 initiate interrupt service through ISR

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The basic working of an induction motor is producing a rotating magnetic field and this field is sinusoidally distributed.

A Digital to Analog converter is an electronic device which converts digital signal to analog signal. The digital signals are in the form 0,1.