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  • Mineralogy is the study of minerals. It deals with understanding their origin, physicochemical properties, magnetic and optical properties.

  • What is Shoring?

    by Swati

    Shoring is a temporary structure to support temporarily an unsafe structure. Shoring is provided to a structure under following circumstances.

  • Canal fall is a structure which has been constructed across a channel. To permit lowering down of its water level and to dissipate the surplus energy passed by the falling water.

  • What is White wash?

    by Swati

    White wash is a mixture of slaked lime with water for covering to the plastered or pointed surface applied in one ,two or three coat.

  • What is Scaffolding?

    by Swati

    Temporary structure or platform constructed very close to the wall, is in the form of timber or steel framework, commonly called scaffolding.

  • What is Varnish?

    by Swati

    “Varnish is a homogeneous colloidal dispersion-solution of natural or synthetic resins in oil or thinner or both”.

  • What is Stair?

    by Swati

    A stair may be defined as series of steps suitably arranged for the purpose of connecting different floors of a building.