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  • Types of Earthquake

    by Swati

    Types of earthquakes: natural and man-made. Natural one occurs along tectonic plate lines while man-made are related to explosions made by man.

  • In Reaction turbine, Pressure energy is first converted into kinetic energy before supplied to runner. It works on impulse reaction principle.

  • What is Cofferdam?

    by Swati

    A cofferdam is a temporary structure designed to keep water and soil out of the excavation in which a bridge pier or other structure is built.

  • Under Reamed Pile

    by Swati

    The principle of under-reamed pile foundations is the anchoring of the superstructure at a depth where the volume changes of soil are negligible.

  • What is Piers?

    by Swati

    Piers are single unit supports carrying heavy loads and transferring them to deep-seated layers of soil or rock.They are of three types.

  • Seismic Waves

    by Swati

    Seismic waves are the waves which are formed by sudden breaking of rock within the earth. There are two types of waves: Body and Surface waves.

  • What is Caissons?

    by Swati

    “Caissons” means box. Such box can be prefabricated on shore and then floated to the desired site, and is allowed to seat on prepared base.