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  • What is Settlement?

    by Swati

    Settlement is the vertical downward movement of the loaded base. As a result of this the original depth of soil mass decreases.

  • What is Trap?

    by Swati

    A trap is bent or depressed sanitary fitting which remains full of water. It is used prevent the passage of foul air or gases through it.

  • Shrinkage is the decrease in volume of concrete in the absence of load with time. In the plastic stage concrete shrinks in volume due to absorption of water or loss of water.

  • Canal lining is the impervious layer which protects the bed and sides of the canal. Lining is generally a construction of a thin 2.5 to 15 cm thick layer of lining material, generally RCC or CC bricks, stones etc.

  • Types of Survey

    by Swati

    There are mainly three types of surveys which are as follows: Reconnaissance survey, Detailed survey, Preliminary survey etc.