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What is Sedimentation?

by Team Goseeko


Sedimentation is the simplest separation method and an essential concept and in the separation process.

The solids are separated from the liquids, and all the solids settle at the bottom, and after that a clear liquid is present at the top.

Sedimentation is a process where the heavier impurities present in the liquid settle at the bottom of the container, and after that the process takes some time to complete.

Basic Principle

The Suspensions of water solids have a specific gravity which is greater and therefore water tends to settle by gravity very early , the turbulence retards by granting the storage .

Similarly ,Inorganic suspended solids have a specific gravity of about 2.65, and organic suspended solids specific gravity is about 1.04.

Additionally, the particles having specific gravity of about 1.20 or more settle down at the bottom of the tank, causing the settlement of lighter particles , is a difficult thing .

Therefore, the settling down of particles at the bottom of tank phenomenon is hydraulic subsidence and each particle has its own hydraulic settling value causing hydraulic subsidence on it.

However, tanks have designs to reduce the velocity of flow of water the suspended particles settle under the action of gravity. It is possible in two ways

Types of Sedimentation

1.  Plain sedimentation : the suspended particles that separate under the action of gravity only, is plain sedimentation

2.  Sedimentation with Coagulates: In addition, Fine suspended particles and colloidal particles and impurities are not removed by just plain settling.

However, particles of size 0.006mm requires 10 hours  to settle , certain addition of chemicals to water to remove these impurities that cant be removed by plain sedimentation, these chemicals are known as coagulants and the process is called sedimentation coagulation.

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