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What is a Tender Notice?

by Team Goseeko
  • The Notice which invites tenders which is a written offer submitted by the contractors for carrying out the work at certain rates with terms and conditions laid down  is called tender notice.
  • The notice inviting tender paper is very important document on which tenders and subsequent agreements with the contractors are based.
  • Tender notice should stipulate reasonable time for completion of work.
  • One should display all tender notices as per the standard form of the department.
  • It is displayed in the noticeboard of the division and also calculated to the related sub-divisions and other divisions of the department.
  • For wide publicity of tender, One publishes it in local newspapers.

Essential information in the tender notice:

  1. Name of the authority inviting smooth
  2. Particulars of contractors eligible to post tenders.
  3. Name of labor and it’s location.
  4. Estimated fee of labor.
  5. Price of smooth form and different smooth documents.
  6. Deposited Earnest cash.
  7. Time of completion.
  8. Last date of sale of smooth paper, ultimate date of permission additionally time of beginning of smooth.
  9. Accepting authority

Tender Notice Format:

Tender No. ……..

Seated tenders are invited for the following works from experienced bonafide and resourceful outside contractors for the under mentioned works by executive engineer.

Name of the workEstimated costPrice of tender form and scheduleEarnestmoneyTime of completionAccepting authority

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