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Top 6 Ways to impress in your Interview

by Team Goseeko

In a time like ours, an interview may happen in person, or online. So it is important that you impress the interviewer, no matter where you are. The only person between you and your dream job is the interviewer. 

Worried? Don’t be. We are here to provide you with the best tips so you can prove your worth to the interviewer and get the job you wish!

Top Tips for your Interview



Confidence is the key. You can have all the knowledge in the world, but you need to express it in an effective way to impress an interviewer. Be firm and positive. Make your vibe stand out in the room. Make them feel your presence, by speaking when necessary and adding something important and relevant to the conversation.

Yet remember, don’t boast about yourself or state any unprofessional or invalid facts. Stick to your point and be confident about yourself.

Dress Code & Attire


Your first impression is how you present yourself. Be dressed in professional attire. You would not want your interviewer to see you presenting yourself shabily, on one of your most important days. 

Wear a clean set of clothes and remember to have a genuine smile on your face. Most importantly, provide your interviewer with a firm handshake with not more than 1 or 2 pumps. That shows confidence and your eagerness towards the job.

Seriousness and Enthusiasm


Anyone would want to hire someone who is passionate, and interested about the job. Be serious about your job-role and have a clear view of your needs. Make sure to know a bit about the company you wish to work in.

Always show your enthusiasm, that shows your seriousness towards the job. Furthermore, make them realize that you’re the perfect person for this job.



Provide yourself with thorough research about the company. You may: 

  • Connect with existing employees over linkedin
  • Go through company reviews on job board
  • Check the social media handles of the company
  • Research company website

Now, based on your research, figure out where the company’s needs and your talents intersect. This information will prove to be helpful. You need to make the interviewer realize that you’re the best.

Questions Interviewer Might Ask

There are a ton of different questions you’ll encounter in an interview. Some of them are pretty common, like, “Tell me about yourself.”, “How can you benefit the company?”, and a lot more like this.

Now, trust us, whatever you’re going to answer, the interviewer won’t believe it. He simply won’t. The reason? He’ll believe whatever he’ll see, he’ll believe your actions more than your work, he’ll value them. Moreover, he’ll study you and decide if you are fit for them or not. So, whatever he’ll ask you, don’t just say it, prove it with examples, like no one else would.

Tell me about yourself.”

This is what he’ll ask at the beginning of the interview. He wants to know your technical and performance capabilities. Mention your recent achievements and make it short.

What is the greatest value you can bring to us?”

Remember the research we asked you to do about the company? And cross-check the company’s needs with your talents? Well, this is what you’ll have to explain here.

What qualities do you admire in others?”

The interviewer wants to know the grounds on which you judge people. Qualities like humility, the ability to learn, integrity, responsibility, resilience, compassion for others, respect for others, big vision, inspiring others, and reinventing ourselves are some of the points you might want to mention.

What does success mean to you?”

Here, the interviewer wants to know your goals and whether you love the work you’re about to do or not. You should always have a positive answer.

I consider a person successful if he has achieved his goal in life, what he longed for. The work that he’s doing, if that work brings him happiness and a fragrance of serenity, then he’s successful.

What is the most stressful situation you have experienced?”

This is perhaps the most important question. The interviewer will evaluate you based on whether you can tackle a stressful situation in a calm state of mind with creative solutions or whether all you do is just panic. Explain to him that you can tackle any situation patiently. You always have the most creative solutions and you never panic.

Questions You Should Ask in an Interview 

Often we feel that an interview consists of the interviewee answering questions. No! You might actually get a job, solely on the basis of questions you are asking them.

Asking questions at the end of an interview will show your eagerness and enthusiasm. It will also show the interviewer about the research you did about their company and the different ways you can help them by your contribution. It will prove that you’re interested in the role they’re about to provide you in the company.

Questions like:

  • How can I be a good employee in your company?
  • What’s the most important thing I can do during my tenure?
  • What do you think, the reason for your company’s success?
  • What main factors do you attribute to the growth of your company?

Be Memorable

There are several employees attending interviews daily. So you need to make your stand among them. Additionally, you have to ensure that you leave your impact on the interviewer, whether by your plans to handle tough situations or the enthusiasm for the company. It’s totally up to you how you’ll prove yourself to be more memorable than others.

It is rare for interviewers to believe your opinions. But they will always believe your facts. So be sure to speak your mind and your genuine self.

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