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Top 10 Jobs In India

by madhulika

Finding the right job is a real challenge. We live in a time of change, so it is essential to develop special skills and qualifications. Thousands of job opportunities are available outside, but we recommend choosing the job as per your abilities and skills. Half of us desire the highest paid jobs, as we all want to justify our midnight hard work. If you are looking for motivation to set up a career, trust me, and no motivation is better than money. 

For instance, throughout the academic phase, we strive to ensure a job that rewards us only for our efforts and dedication. In the current context, the digital revolution caused by the epidemic has revolutionized the rise of robotics, artificial intelligence, digital support in health care, education, pharma, BFSI, and the introduction of several technologies.

Here is everything you need to know about the top 10 jobs in India –

Artificial Intelligence Engineer


Nowadays, AI is one of the most demanding technological jobs in India. To make a career in this field, you need to have an ideal combo of data science, software development, and data engineering. At present, 2,500 seats need skilled professionals in the AI ​​industry. If this technology grows at this pace, this number will only increase in the near future. However, the lack of skilled AI professionals in the market forces companies to compete to hire the best talent. 

Intermediate Level – 15lakh/annum*

Advanced Level – 25lakh/annum*

Cyber-Security Professionals


The rapid growth of the digital age forced all businesses to come online for smooth functioning. Therefore, it has become necessary to protect your digital assets from unwanted threats. 

Cybersecurity plays a vital role in securing your data online. Therefore, the demand for cybersecurity professionals has increased. The main job of these professionals is to protect online businesses from cyber-crime. According to reports, cybersecurity professionals can easily earn 30lakh / year.

Machine Learning Experts

AI and ML have conquered the modern world by framing more personalized solutions for customers. The main priority of Machine learning experts is to support brands with information-intensive business decisions so there is less business risk.

Machine learning experts have proven to be valuable assets for businesses and their demand continues to grow every year. Salary expectations as follows

  • Beginner level: 6 lakhs / year
  • Medium level: 13 lakhs/ year
  • Higher-level: 20lakhs / year

Cloud Computing Professionals

Demand for cloud architects, cloud software engineers, and cloud infrastructure engineers, etc., will continue to grow in the future. There are very few people who know about this course, so there are more job opportunities than actual candidates currently. 

A professional degree in the field of cloud computing can maximize your salary up to a maximum of 60%. Experienced professionals can also earn up to 60 lakhs in a year.

  1. Software Engineers

Yes, software engineering is still in great demand. Millions of students are making their careers in engineering and earning well. The demand for software engineers in multi-corporation cities like Bangalore has increased in recent times. 

Therefore, it will be beneficial if you go for software engineering. Entry-level software engineers can earn up to 6 lakhs/year and experienced engineers can earn 26lakhs / year.

  1. Doctors

It is one of the reputed job profiles and highly paid at the same time. Even those who have just begun their jobs in the medical field can earn up to 1 to 2 lakh a month. Most of the doctors prefer to run personal clinics from which they do additional earning. 

It is a bitter truth that every year, lakhs of students give MBBS, but only a few students can crack it. But if you get into this industry once, you will experience a continuous flow of money.

  1. Chartered Accountants

Another one of the highest-paid and reputed jobs in India is Chartered Accountants. If you pursue this course, then you can earn 600,000 to 700,000 per month. Becoming a CA is not like eating a piece of cake. 

Every year only 2% of students are able to crack this exam successfully. However, to become CA you are not supposed to pursue a particular academic course, you just need a clear exam conducted by ICAI.

  1. Data Scientist 

Recently, data science has been added to the list of the fastest-growing sectors. And accordingly, the demand for data scientists has also increased. The basic salary of average data researchers is Rs. 7.5 lakh per annum. This figure is quite impressive for beginners who are looking for the perfect opportunity. An experienced data scientist can earn up to 14Lakh/annum.

  1. Commercial Pilot

Many people dream of becoming commercial pilots. More and more people are actively moving towards this industry due to the salary package, as freshers can earn up to 20lakh per year.

  1. Software Developer

It is a wonderful and creative profession where you learn something each day. There are a lot of students who are pursuing this course. You just need to be a programming lover. The candidate with no experience can earn up to 4lakh per year, And the best part of this profession is that there is no limit of learning you can earn up to millions.

Although getting a job is not the easiest thing, it is not impossible. With a presentable resume, expert guidance from professionals and certificates of special courses, you can easily be the number one choice for hirers.

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