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What is Project Management ?

by Team Goseeko

Project management is the act of getting people together to achieve the desired goal, human organization and objective of any business.

Project management is one of the most imperative and interesting disciplines of business.

It is important for our society, industry and government organization.

Characteristics of project Management:

Project management is concerned with achieving organizational objectives using the minimum resources.

  1. Management is goal oriented, integrates human, physical and financial resources 
  2. It is time oriented
  3. Management is a group activity 
  4. Management is continuous

Purpose and Importance of Project Management:

  1. Increase efficiency of business
  2. Crystallize the nature of management 
  3. Improve research and development in management
  4. Attain social goals by way of coordinating the efforts of people so that individual objectives can be translated into Social attainments of business.

Function of Project Management:

  1. Planning
  2. Organizing
  3. Staffing
  4. Directing
  5. Control

1. Planning:

Planning is a most important function of management.

Control, Staffing, Organization and Directing Function are dependent on planning.

Before executing any managerial function, the manager has to devise a plan. 

2. Organizing:

After the planning second function of management is Organizing. Organizing is identification of activities, classification of activities, grouping of activities, assigning of each group to a manager and coordination between groups.

3. Staffing:

After the organizing third function of management is staffing. In staffing people management is the most important task to achieve productivity and profitability. Nature of staffing is an important managerial function, staffing is continuous activity and staffing helps in placing right men at the right job. 

4. Directing:

It is initiates action and it is from here actual work starts. Directing is said to consist of human factors. In short it can be described as providing guidance to workers doing work.

5. Control:

Control is the process a manager takes to assure that actual performance conforms to the organization’s plan or anything that regulates the process of an organization.

It makes plans effective, makes an organization efficient. Control is a continuous process. Control is action based.

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