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What is Arbitration?

by Pratiksha

Arbitration is the settlement of a dispute by the decision not of a regular and ordinary court of law but of one or more persons chosen by the parties themselves who are called arbitrators. Thus arbitration is a domestic court where the arbitrator acts as a judge. The arbitrator can either proceed on the basis of his knowledge or take evidence and then give his decision on such an incident.

Advantages of arbitration:

  1. It is private; there’s no public report of any proceedings, even though now no longer always confidential.
  2. Speed even though this relies upon very a lot at the way wherein the arbitrator conducts the arbitration.
  3. The events can agree on an arbitrator with applicable understanding within side the matter. It is award may be enforced as a judgment of the courtroom docket lastly.

Disadvantages of arbitration:

  1. Firstly the events need to undergo the fees of each arbitrator and the venue.
  2. Sometimes it is genuinely mimics courtroom docket procedures and so that you no longer get blessings of casualness and speed.
  3. Therefore limited strength of compulsion or sanction if one celebration fails to conform with instructions of the arbitrator that can notably gradual down the process.

 Need of arbitration:

  1. Firstly these types of disputes are only solved by through law of courts and out based law system make the judgment through law of courts extremely time consuming up to 20 yr
  2. Lastly departmental officers should themselves make every effort to appoint an arbitrator for quicker disposal of such cases.


There are two types of arbitration

  1. Voluntary
  2. Compulsory

1.  Voluntary:

It is under voluntary the parties to the dispute can  and do they refer voluntarily and disputes to before it is referred for adjudication.

2. Compulsory

Compulsory is one where the parties are required to accept arbitration without any willingness on their part.

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