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"Varnish is a homogeneous colloidal dispersion-solution of natural or synthetic resins in oil or thinner or both".

A stair may be defined as series of steps suitably arranged for the purpose of connecting different floors of a building.

Settlement is the vertical downward movement of the loaded base. As a result of this the original depth of soil mass decreases.

A trap is bent or depressed sanitary fitting which remains full of water. It is used prevent the passage of foul air or gases through it.

Admixture are the materials used in the cement to modify one or more of its properties in the plastic or hardened state of concrete.

Folds when crustal rocks are subjected to stress over a period of time, they compress and form folds.

Shrinkage is the decrease in volume of concrete in the absence of load with time. In the plastic stage concrete shrinks in volume due to absorption of water or loss of water.

Canal lining is the impervious layer which protects the bed and sides of the canal. Lining is generally a construction of a thin 2.5 to 15 cm thick layer of lining material, generally RCC or CC bricks, stones etc.

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Seismic waves are the waves which are formed by sudden breaking of rock within the earth. There are two types of waves: Body and Surface waves.

The load carrying capacity of river ganga is reduced so the load is deposited on the bed of the river to make it shallow.

Underground power stations are in danger of falling rocks and snow avalanches. It is a valley from the site for a hydro power plant.

Precipitation: The water in the form of a pond or lake or the groundwater is derived from the precipitation.

Sedimentation is used to remove fine particles. The sewage is kept quiescent, for a given period, in a sedimentation basin.

In Tidal Power plants, tidal energy gets generated. It is renewable source of hydro energy which is available due to rise and fall of tides.

It is a process of cleaning water to destroy bacteria and all the microorganisms. In the harmful and harmless bacteria are killed

In total, station field survey data consisting of the angles, distance and related information is stored in electric field work.

Tacheometry is to enable horizontal and vertical distance to be computed from reading upon a stadia rod and thus eliminate chaining operation.