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In this process the oxygen is absorbed and carbon dioxide is released. It reduces the percentage of carbon dioxide up to 70%

It is a process of cleaning water to destroy bacteria and all the microorganisms. In the harmful and harmless bacteria are killed

Geographical Information System(GIS) is computer software which gives information of any discipline.

Project management is the act of getting people together to achieve the desired goal, human organization and objective of any business.

Sedimentation is used to remove fine particles. The sewage is kept quiescent, for a given period, in a sedimentation basin.

The intake structure has to be provided with trash racks screens, control valve prevent the entry of debris and ice into the turbines.

It gives the approximate cost of the work and is prepared on the basis of the cost of similar works carried out in the past

An estimate is defined as the process of calculating the probable quantities and costs of various items required in connection with work.

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Piezometer is a instrument which measures the pore water pressure in a soil medium. It can be installed within structure of dam.

Activated Sludge process is the sewage treatment of production of an activated mass of micro-organism which stabilizes the waste aerobically.

Specification includes provision of overall information such as description of all workmanship, materials and methods of working to complete.

Arbitration is the settlement of a dispute by the decision not of a regular but chosen by the parties themselves who are called arbitrators.

Piers are single unit supports carrying heavy loads and transferring them to deep-seated layers of soil or rock.They are of three types.

Settlement is the vertical downward movement of the loaded base. As a result of this the original depth of soil mass decreases.

Plane table surveying is a graphical method of surveying in which the field work and plotting are carried out simultaneously.

Seismic waves are the waves which are formed by sudden breaking of rock within the earth. There are two types of waves: Body and Surface waves.