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  • What is Arch Dam?

    by Swati

    Arch dam is seen curved in plan with its convexity to the upstream side. It transfers the pressure towards the abutments by arch action.

  • What is Piezometer?

    by Swati

    Piezometer is a instrument which measures the pore water pressure in a soil medium. It can be installed within structure of dam.

  • What are Rivers?

    by Swati

    Rivers are part of the surface water which flows from their source region to their mouth. The importance of river depend on length, width etc.

  • What is Weir?

    by Swati

    Weir is a crest wall constructed across a river to divert raise water of river into canal. Crest wall across a river raises the water.

  • What is Spillway?

    by Swati

    Spillway is the passage provided for disposal of surplus flood water on the downstream side without affecting stability of water.

  • What is Floods?

    by Pratiksha

    The load carrying capacity of river ganga is reduced so the load is deposited on the bed of the river to make it shallow.