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What is Importance of Communication?

by Rajnish_English

The most important thing in communication is to hear what isn’t being said.” …

Communication skills are the abilities used in giving and receiving different types of information.

Human communication is the most important aspects of life. It is an effective means of development adopted between individuals as well as in groups.

Communication skills can be defined as the skills used in practical life, whereby a person conveys ideas, concepts, or information to others. Another person, in turn, responds to that message according to his understanding of it.

Importance In Personal life.

In the personal life, effective communication skills can smooth the relationships with others by helping to understand others, and to be understood.

Communication skills are very important in developing human relationships and managing human resources in today’s world.

There are many people who communicate with each person differently, for example, they communicate humbly and respectfully with the rich but badly with the poor. It’s their character and nature. They only communicate humbly and respectfully with the people who matches their standards, because there is reason s behind it.

So, a communication is a skill that showcases the good/bad parts of the human character. And without good character, it’s tough to make an impact in the world also live a happy life. That’s why good communication skills are important in a life that are based on humbleness and respect for others.

Importance On the professional front

Good communication increases productivity and efficiency across all levels of the business.

Good communication skills enable to introduce innovative concepts in order to outperform the competition, lead productive meetings to diffuse concerns which could hinder the organization’s ability to reach targets, as well as explain the rationale behind decisions which are made to increase the probability of such targets being met. It also leverages an individual’s ability to develop the most up-to-date strategies ensuring the data is readily available and clearly communicated to both internal and external contacts.

Individuals also need to acquire and hone (Sharpen) their communication skills. The success of an individual at familial levels in the neighbourhood and at job depends on the ability to communicate. Nobody would like to have a sour faced neighbour either at home or office?

Communication is a primary responsibility in many careers such as

✓customer relations,

✓ labour relations,

✓ marketing,

✓ personnel and public relations,

✓sales and teaching.

Career advancement is easy for a person with good communication skills. The importance of communication skill to managerial and accounting positions is well recognized now. The ability to communicate is essential for promotions and advancement.


Communication entails the transfer of ideas, thoughts or feelings by the sender to the receiver via verbal or nonverbal means. This transfer gains special significance in business especially in the service sector since the service providers work with humans based on communication. In any sustainable plan or strategy communication plays a vital role.

In order to plan and develop sustainability and sustainable strategies it is necessary for people to express themselves internally and externally by using appropriate mode(s) of communications.

Thus, in order to establish effective communication, the managers in an organization has to channel the receiver what they mean to communicate in a simple, direct and precise manner whether it be on the oral or written modality. To achieve this end, they should also take into consideration the gender and cultural variations in terms of communication.

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