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How to land a job after Computer Engineering?

by Team Goseeko

Computer science is a core subject in India now which will have massive growth in job opportunities in the next 15-20 years. Students, in future will look forward to computer engineering and give this subject a boost. Every student dreams to achieve the highest level of excellence, we wish them all the best for their journey ahead.


Computer engineering is the dream subject for many students. It is one of the most versatile subjects offering a huge variety of jobs in the IT industry. It is also one of the subjects which saw rapid growth and development in India. There are plenty of jobs available in the IT sector of India.

Also, it is a relatively easy subject than the mainstream subjects, and quite an interesting one too, so a lot of students are preferring a course in computer engineering to get a secure job in the bigger picture.

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Duties of a Computer Engineer

Computer engineers manage and design the computer hardware and software systems of a company. These skilled individuals may specialize in hardware or software. Their duties include developing software systems, updating hardware, and designing new equipment.

The duties of a computer engineer include:

  • Perform periodic hardware analysis of computer hardware and software.
  • Provide technical support to all staff members.
  • Keep the company’s cloud storage account protected and secure.
  • Stay up-to-date with the latest technologies and incorporate new technology into existing units.
  • Develop and install software systems.

Creating a Resume

The resume is a candidate’s first and last impression. So make sure to keep it updated with all your achievements, abilities, qualifications.

Mentioning your Web Development courses or even your flair with programming languages, would help your job search. Your interviewer is eager to know about your knowledge in Javascript, HTML, Python, SQL, Git. You could even enlist your activities such as being a part of the Computer Science Club. Do your best to represent yourself!

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Finding the Right Degree


Computer Engineering combines the academic disciplines of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science to develop new computer systems. There are more than 130 degrees available for students to choose from and decide their perfect study option. Be sure to make the right decision as everything regarding the future is down to this one.

Are you looking for the right college to pursue Computer engineering? Here is a list of the top 10 colleges you can pursue Computer Engineering from.

Being a Computer Engineer Intern

Internship at a dedicated company results in the student gaining much experience about the type of job they’re going to do. It’ll help them realize their skills and understand the job better. For a computer engineer intern, there are several internship fields you could get in:

  • Product Management Intern
  • Front End Engineering Intern
  • Mobile Technology Engineering Intern
  • Data Scientist Intern
  • Backend Engineering Intern

Almost all companies offer their jobs to interns with good working skills and conduct. So internship is the option you should not miss!.

Applying to Private Sectors

A major part of it is privatized IT- based work. There are two types of jobs namely; hardware-oriented, and software-oriented. These are divided into subclasses like:

  • Hardware Oriented Jobs

Maintenance offers low profile jobs with linear growth of salary.

Research & Development (R&D)

R&D, as the title suggests, offers research in specific fields and their complications, along with the development of those specific fields. IBM and DELL are the big brands offering R&D-type jobs.

 You also need to have good knowledge about microprocessors and programming to achieve a higher level in this job. R&D is quite high profile with an increasing salary structure.

  • Software Oriented Jobs
    System architect

A System Architect designs particular software and programs in such a way that the application they provide should be user-friendly, cost-effective, and of course, useful. System design, algorithm development, and mathematical models of the software are developed here.


The work is quite interesting. You have to develop applications and refurbish existing ones to meet the market requirements and demands.


So after an application or software is developed, it needs to be tested for loopholes and bugs. That’s exactly where a Tester comes in handy. You get the privilege to use any brand new software before anyone else in the world, and not only that, you’re also a critic. You are tasked to examine the software to its bare infrastructure and strip it completely for bugs and loopholes.

Now jobs are also differentiated concerning industries. First, a product-based company, and second, service-based company.

  • Product-based Company

They are Microsoft, Google, Apple, Adobe, Facebook, Amazon, etc. All these companies offer a high salary structure and provide special perks to the employees as well. The working environment is just as fine as it can get and the growth is just awesome. Well, if you are a genius in general aptitude and programming languages like Python, Java, with exceptional competitive coding, then this might be the dream job for you. Are you looking for professionals teaching these languages and skills? 

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  • Service-based Company

Companies like TCS, Wipro, HCL, etc. are considered under this category. Here, the work is provided by bigger names like Google and others and you have to finish the work for them. The workload is high in a competitive environment with a relatively low salary structure. The schedule is quite tight as expected. Programming, aptitude, speaking, and writing skills in English are required.

Apply for a Government Job

And of course, we can’t miss out on any available government jobs that can be offered. Examples include DRDO, ECIL, IB, NIA, ISRO, CDAC, NPCC, BEL, SAIL, and NIC. Government jobs are not a big picture in the IT scene, but they provide good salary and security.

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