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What is Group Discussion?

by Team Goseeko

Discussion is an exchange of knowledge; argument an exchange of ignorance. – Robert Quillen

Meaning and Concept

Group Discussion is a combination of two words ‘Group’ and ‘Discussion. Group means many people are working together to achieve some targets. ‘Discussion’ means exchanging ideas between two or more than two people, which is generally a face-to-face interaction. It is a process of talking between people to reach a specific decision. It is also defined as a conversation about a specific topic. The end product of group discussion can be a particular decision, enhanced knowledge, actions, an argument, doubt-clearing, disagreement, etc.

Group Discussion or GD is a type of discussion that involves people sharing ideas or activities. People in the group discussion are connected with one basic idea. Based on that idea, everyone in the group represents his/her point of view.

GD is a discussion that tests the candidate’s skills, such as leadership skills, communication skills, social skills and behavior, politeness, teamwork, listening ability, General awareness, confidence, problem-solving skills, etc.


The Group Discussion is generally the next level after the entrance exam to pursue a professional degree. In the case of recruitments, Group Discussion can be the starting or at the end, depending on different companies or organizations.

Importance of Group Discussion

Group Discussions are an essential part of testing candidates in the organizations, recruitment process, etc. It also plays an important role in improving the skills of a candidate.

Types of Group Discussion

There are two types of Group Discussion::

  • Topic-Based Group Discussion
  • Case Study Based Group Discussion

Topic-Based Group Discussion

There are few candidates in a group, where each group is given any topic. The group members discuss the topic, which is called a topics based Group Discussion.

The topic-based Group Discussion can be further classified as:

Controversial Topics

Knowledge-Based topics

Abstract Topics

Conceptual topics

Case Study Based Group Discussion

The Case study based Group Discussion is generally followed by the MBA Institutes, such as IIM, etc. In such a discussion, a problem is given, and the participants are asked to resolve them. The preparation time is also higher as compared to other discussions. The panelists test the teamwork and decision-making skills of the participants.

The participants need to be active and updated with the things around them. It also tests the observation capability of the participants. The example of Case study based topics can be ‘Discussion between boss and manager’.


In short, the aim of GD is to bring together a set of thoughtful like minded people on a common platform in order to exchange ideas, providing an occasion to display not only the learning, but understanding and to enhance knowledge by absorbing the thoughts and viewpoints of other people.

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