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B.Tech Graduate – Top Career Options

by Kevin

As a B.Tech graduate or student, you must have questions regarding the best career choices after completing Engineering. Your brain might be filled with questions like “What to do after Engineering?” or “What to do after B.Tech?” 

Engineering is among the most known graduation courses that students go for, just after finishing their school. Picking the correct profession can give some students a hard time. However, the world is brimming with opportunities, and you probably won’t know about the vast majority of them. One needs to know the rundown of all career alternatives after engineering to choose the correct one. 

To help you in this matter, here is a rundown of what you can do after getting a degree in engineering:

1. Higher education in Engineering

Numerous aspirants seek to study even further after engineering like Masters of Technology (M.Tech) or Masters of Engineering (M..E.). B.Tech graduates can plan for the Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering (GATE) that tests one’s aptitude and information on Engineering subjects.

 A decent GATE score can pave ways for esteemed universities like IIT and NIT for M.Tech or M.E.

Numerous aspirants likewise go abroad for their Master’s degree. For this, the aspirant needs to clear TOEFL/IELTS and GRE to get grants. A few universities like BITS, VIT, and SRM have their own placement tests. 

Master degrees after BTech 

  • M.Tech (Masters of Technology)
  • M.tech + PhD Programs 
  • M.E. (Masters of Engineering)

After doing these projects you can join corporate, instructing, research labs in govt. area like BARC (Bhabha Atomic Research Center), TIFR, ISRO, NCL, IISER, CSIR, IUCAA (Inter-University Center for Astronomy and Astrophysics),etc 

2. MBA (Masters of Business Administration)

Management is a well known decision among students after engineering. It helps in finding a well paying line of work with exposure. The students who get admission to MBA through Common Aptitude Test (CAT) score can get admission to any decent MBA school and an awesome score can assist with getting into IIMs which are considered as the most renowned business college. The CAT selection test is the most famous test after Engineering. 

After completing Engineering, students have all the specialized and technical skills as an Engineer, like solid base in Mathematics, Statistics, and broad information about the specialization you picked in your B.Tech course. Although you have all this knowledge, you still might lack business management abilities that are very much necessary if you aim to be at any high level position of a company. This is the point where an MBA degree can profit you.

3. Become a specialist 

There are numerous certification and diploma courses just after engineering offered by different universities in the subjects which are popular. Today, numerous organizations are searching for engineers who are specialists in a particular field. The engineers who know about the most recent advances like man-made brainpower, information science, and blockchain are in incredible interest.  

For example, a specialist engineer in Machine Designing will have an in-depth knowledge in this field and will deal with desiging machines and everything related to that field only. There are numerous choices in this field and you can pick any that interests you and build a career in it. 

Top known Skills and courses are: 

  • VLSI (Very large-scale integration)
  • Machine Designing
  • Data Science
  • Robotics 
  • Blockchain
  • Ethical Hacking
  • Embedded Technology
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Protocol Testing
  • Digital Marketing

Occupations in this area are better paid and furthermore add more value to your resume. 

4. Business and entrepreneurship

Seeing the accomplishment of numerous business visionaries, the new age Engineers have begun entering this field. It requires a ton of tolerance, still, the profits you can get are worth the risks. This is the most ideal career choice for the individual who has creative thoughts and cash to put resources into the business. This gives an individual the opportunity to communicate their imagination and thoughts. 

A startup is another pattern these days where you can begin something of your own with only 2-3 individuals working with you from a more minor perspective. Government is likewise supporting this activity with appropriate direction and mentorship programs. They additionally uphold it by offering monetary help as far as credit and different advantages. 

5. Campus Placements jobs in private area 

The majority of the universities hold campus placement drives for their students. These placement offers help the students in finding a significant salary line of work even before they get their degree. The graduate will have to apply for the ideal organization and needs to have great preparation. Students need to buckle up since their first year to get enrolled in their preferred organization. The performance of the student from the first year  is considered by the enlisting organizations. 

It is smarter to find a new line of work through campus placements as it is exceptionally hard to find a new line of work just after graduation. Campus placements for the Engineering students are very beneficial and organizations offer high bundles to the sparkling aspirants who have an overall knowledge. 

There are abundant openings of work for BTech Graduates at various organizations. It is dependent upon the contender to try sincerely and get the chance.

6. Teaching / Professor

Getting yourself engaged with an all – around presumed organization isn’t always the main career alternative for Engineering students. The students who love scholastics can likewise join an Engineering school as an educator. The calling gives abundant occasion to develop one’s expert life. 

The aspirant can likewise give instructing classes to those students who are attempting to get admission to Engineering colleges.  It can likewise be an extra kind of revenue and will help in brushing up your knowledge.

Make Your Path 

Above was a rundown of some extraordinary vocation alternatives subsequent to engineering. We trust it will address your questions like “What to do after engineering?”, “what to do after B.Tech?”. You can start working right from today  on your interest dependent on the career decision that you might want to choose after your graduation. For every single B.Tech graduate, considering what to do after Engineering, you have to check the measure of time, the trouble level, prior to choosing which way to pick after your graduation. As should be obvious, engineering graduates have huge loads of career alternatives after they graduate. There are adequate open doors all over. 

By having a clear objective or goal, you can achieve milestones in your career.

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