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What is SBPS?

by Team Goseeko
  • SBPS stands for Space Based Positioning System.
  • It is a fast and accurate method of determining the location of any point of interest anywhere on the face of the earth of any time during day or night.
  • The technology collects and processes signals from satellites in orbit around the earth to determine the location of points of interest on the ground. 

Segments of SBPS:

It consist of three segments:

  1. Space Segment(SS):It generate an transmit code, carrier phases and navigation messages.
  2. Control Segment(CS):It produces GPS time, predict ephemeris and manage space vehicle.
  3. User Segment(US):It gives navigation and surveying solution

Advantages of SBPS:

  1. It gives higher positional accuracies, even in the order of subcentimeter.
  2. Angular and linear measurements are not required to find position of points.
  3. There is rapid speed of work.
  4. It is independent of plumb line which is a reference direction for almost all types of survey systems.
  5. It does not require line of sight.
  6. Pre-established reference points are not required to establish the points with same reference coordinate system.
  7. Digital output, computer compatible ,easy to adjust, process and plot.

Application of SBPS:

  1. Determine the boarders, making existing utilities like highway, municipal amenities photogrammetric and private site specific projects make them more dense or compact.
  2. GIS data acquisition.
  3. Establishing state plane coordinates or geodetic coordinates.
  4. Used in As-built survey and Topographic survey.
  5. One uses it for mine exploration.
  6. Used in Baseline survey and transverse control survey or transverse verification surveys.
  7. One uses it in natural resource mapping.
  8. Used in communication tower survey and certifications.
  9. Used in construction stakes out utilities, highways, facilities, pilling etc.

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