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What is Motivation?

by Team Goseeko

Motivation is often defined as the willingness to spend energy to realize a goal or reward. Motivation is vital for both organizations and individuals. Motivation has become a really effective tool for achieving organizational goals, and managers can use this tool to motivate or motivate staff in their work in order that they will work effectively and efficiently. got to stimulate.

The Concept of Motivation

Motivation may be a human thought about management. Managers feel challenges to motivate people in their jobs. Because this motivation is said to the interior power to instruct people to act during a particular thanks to gain something or meet their needs. From a previous survey, we found that managers run through others. Getting the work done isn’t easy. The manager must get people to figure consistent with the instructions given to him. But the question is why people work. Why do they behave like them? What motivates people to act during a particular job?

The term motivation comes from English word Motive, and therefore the Latin word “Movere:” Movere “means to maneuver . Motivation means an urge, need, desire, desire, or urge within a private .

According to Dale S. Beach, “motivation is often defined because the willingness to spend energy to realize goals and rewards.”

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