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What is Hardware and Software?

by Bhumika


The mechanical components of a computer are known as “hardware. (H/W)” Computer hardware is made up of interconnected electronic devices that can uses to control the functioning, input, and output of a computer. CPU, keyboard, mouse, hard disc, and other pieces of hardware are examples of H/W.


A programme is a set of instructions that directs a computer to perform specific activities. Software instructions are written in a computer language, then translate into machine code and execute the computer. 

Types of software

There are basically two types of software as follows:

  • Application software – Application software is design to address a specific demand in a specific environment. Many of the software programmes created in the computer lab are classified as application software. Furthermore, Word processing, medical software, database software, educational software, and other applications are common. Moreover, Applications are virtually always stand-alone programmes that run independently of the operating system.
  • System software – The device software is a collection of programmes that enable the computer to run, monitor, and expand its processing capabilities. In addition, Computer makers create the vast majority of system software. The goal of system software is to shield the application programmer as much as possible from the specifics of the computer complex in use, including memory and other H/W components, as well as peripheral devices such as communications, printers, readers, and keyboards.

Relationship between Hardware and Software

A collection of programmes design to do a given activity is refer to as software. In addition, A programme is a set of instructions that are intend to solve a specific problem.

  • Both hardware and software are interdependent. In order for a computer to provide useful results, they must work together.
  • secondly Software cannot use without supporting H/W.
  • Hardware that cannot used because it does not have a set of programmes to run on is useless.
  • To execute a task on the computer, relevant software needs loaded into the hardware.
  • H/W is a one-time expense.
  • Software development is an expensive and continuing endeavor.
  • To conduct various activities, multiple software applications can install on hardware.
  • Between the user and the H/W a piece of software acts as a conduit.
  • Lastly, If a computer’s hardware is its “heart,” its software is its “soul.” Both are advantageous to each other.

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