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What is the Definition of Communication?

by Team Goseeko
“Communication is something so simple and difficult that we can never put it in simple words. – T.S Mathews

Concept of Communication

Etymology of the word communication is said to be from Latin  language word, ‘ Communis’ which means ‘ to share’. In brief communication can be termed an act of transferring an idea or exchanging ideas or information from one  person to another. The presence of communication can’t be denied as it is by default exists in all living being and is a mean of survival to all living organism. In order to express your views and thoughts  the power of effective communication is very essential.

Meaning of Communication

Communication is the fundamental force which drives the process of development in each and every field. It is considered as a backbone of an organization as it gives life to all its activities. Communication requires  at least two parties to perform the act, i.e, sender who called encoder and receiver the decoder. Here the sender is in fact the writer/ speaker and receiver are the reader/ audience. Communication is a connecting tool; as it  helps people at both social and organizational levels.

Purpose of Communication

Communication can be compared to breathing as both are essential parts of human life. It acts as a strong  binding of an individual to the world around them, as a person everyone has to work with people around. People communicate with their audience in various ways in a form of   spoken/ written words, sounds, action, forms and colours. For example, an exhausted pupil through the act of yawning or a smile on a face or anger expresses some sort of communication to the other person. Communication is the process of verbally and nonverbally sharing with other person/ persons one’s knowledge, feelings, ideas, opinion and information.

A effective communication is not just transmitting information but it is rather getting correct information and in return conveying in short the intended Message understood by the other person. Assertive expression is the vital and fundamental characteristics of a effective communication.

Communication acts as a media in an organization by all activities are synchronised in order to achieve the expected results.

” Communication leads to community, that is, to understand, intimacy and mutual valuing.”

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