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What are the 7Ps of Marketing Mix?

by Team Goseeko

The 7Ps of Marketing are as follows –


7P starts with “Product” this might ask a physical product, service, or experience. Basically, whatever is on sale.


It refers to the situation where you’ve got selected permission to distribute or access the merchandise or service. It can mean anything from warehouses and main street stores to e-commerce shops and cloud-based platforms.


What proportion does your product or service cost? the worth you set should reflect the customer’s perceived value for the merchandise and correlate together with your budget. If your customers think your price is just too high, you risk losing the market there for bargains, if your price is just too low you lose all that significant profit.


It refers to advertising, marketing, and sales methods. this will mean traditional advertising via TV, radio, billboards, or more modern methods like advertising in web pages, podcast advertising, email marketing, push notifications, and more.

Physical evidence

When performing brass studs, it’s important for consumers to understand that the brand they’re buying or interacting with is legal and truly exists in the real world.

People’s Employees

People involved in selling products and services, designing, managing teams, representing customers, etc. The “people” element of 7P involves anyone who is directly or indirectly involved within the business side of the corporate.

To Process

The seventh element of the marketing mix, the “process,” represents a group of actions that are taken when delivering a product or service to a customer. Examining the method means assessing aspects like the sales funnel, payment system, distribution procedures, and customer relationship management.

Performance / Productivity

It discusses elusive, eighth “P” describes your ability to supply your customers with what you’ve got promised. Are they happy? Does one provide value to them? It includes quality, how to compete in the market etc.

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