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What are the functions of Rajya Sabha?

by Kusum Joshi

The functions of Rajya Sabha are as follows:

1. Legislative functions of Rajya Sabha

Rajya Sabha does not have the same power as the Lok Sabha. It is not possible to introduce only a money bill. All the rest can be installed in it .Therefore, it has the authority to accept, reject, or amend regular bills.

2. Management of Upper house

It does not have the authority to control the ministries of the council, as the council is solely responsible for Lok Sabha. It cannot defeat the government and cannot be the reason for its collapse. Even if you pass a motion of no confidence in the government, you cannot ask the government to resign. Anyway, Rajya Sabha can influence executives with questions, goals and problems.

3. Finance

In the field of finance, the location of Upper house is inferior to that of Lower house. This is because you cannot reject, introduce, or change the money bill.

4. Constitution 

It has the same rights as Lok Sabha in amending the Constitution. Bills other than money bills can also be raised for amendment in Large Sabha. It also passes by the approval of both homes with a majority of 2/3 members attending and voting.

5. Other functions

  1. In addition to the Upper house , permissions and features described above, it shares its permissions with Lok Sabha in the following ways:
  2. Election of President and Vice President of India
  3. Impeachment of the President of India
  4. They can start the dismissal of the Vice President
  5. Supreme Court and High Court judges can be removed
  6. They can give permission for presidential rules in an emergency.

6. Other privileges

  1. A two-thirds resolution allows it to empower Congress to legislate on state list issues for national interests.
  2. With a two-thirds majority resolution, it can create one or more All-Indian Services.
  3. When Lok Sabha disbands, Rajya Sabha can request an emergency.
  4. In conclusion , these are the main strengths and functions of Upper house and are superior to Lok Sabha.

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