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What is general insurance ?

by Uddipana Gogoi

General insurance, also referred to as non-life insurance, is related to insurance of properties, assets, real estate, gazettes, automobiles etc. Under this agreement, the insurer/insurance company assures the insured for the uncertainty of the subject matter on payment of premium. Some examples general company are-

Types of general insurance

  1. Health insurance: It is related to assurance for protection of medical expenses incurred due to accidents or some selected illness. 
  2. Travel insurance: It covers protection for travellers travelling abroad. Thus, it provides protection against medical emergencies, loss of passport, baggage, delay in flights etc. 
  3. Motor insurance: It covers protection for the vehicle loss, injury of the driver in an accident. Both four wheelers and two wheelers come under such insurance schemes. here are 3 types of plans-
  • Two-Wheeler Insurance: For two-wheelers like scooter or motorbike
  • Car Insurance: For registered private cars
  • Commercial Vehicle Insurance: For vehicles used for other than private purposes. 
  1. Home insurance: It covers protection for the personal home of the insurer against the damages like fire, burglary, Loss/Damage of Jewelry etc.
  2. Commercial insurance: It is related to insurance of commercial properties like marine insurance, property insurance, employee benefit insurance etc.
  3. Insurance of gazates: It covers protection against gadgets like mobile phone, computer, printer and such items from accidental damages.


  1. Firstly, it provides protection to properties against the damages.
  2. Secondly, it promotes and facilitates business by providing protection to their properties like buildings, machines, vehicles, raw materials, stock, employees etc.
  3. Additionally, it also provides protection to private properties against the probable damages.
  4. Finally, it makes it convenient to bear medical expenses for hospitalization of patients due to some specific illness or accident.

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