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Top 5 Interview Advice for Engineers

by Team Goseeko

What do you understand from ‘interview’? In simple terms, an interview is a process where the job seeker and employer sit together and have a conversation regarding the job role, candidates give their best shot to get hired. During this process, some are able to crack the interview and some get rejection. 

It hardly matters whether this is your first interview or giving after gaining so much experience. It is always a nerve-wracking and challenging part of your job application process.

So today, we will try to draw a line between this successful crack and rejection segment. If you are an engineering student and prepare for your job interview, you must be seeking professional advice to crack the interview in a single attempt.  

Before going into much detail, we will talk about some important steps of the interview round such as personal presentation, preparation, confidence, etc.

Preparation is Crucial

Always prepare in advance for your interviews: Remember that you can be asked for a phone interview at any time if the employer likes your profile.

Get to know the company – Make sure you know what they are doing, the name of their CEO, top clients, and the latest projects. You should always be well-prepared for the interview and have a deep understanding of the company’s product offerings and the company’s work culture. It may give you more benefits than an experienced person.

Remember to keep supporting materials along with keeping a few extra copies of your CV/Resume. If they do not have one, you can offer them. It will show your advanced preparation ability. Create your own personalised resume, with our resume builder !

Personal Presentation

You must have heard one of the famous quotes, “The first impression is the last impression”. It is completely true because all recruiters first judge you based on your looks and way of dressing. It is advisable that you wear formal clothes that are not excessively colourful, and with total confidence. Therefore, always wear what makes you look smart.

A second important factor is body language. Your gestures and posture speak a lot about your personality. Hence, we will recommend you learn about body language before going for an interview.

Wear Your Confidence

Recruiters always like to hire confident people because it encourages a positive work culture. Building an outstanding team is the main motto of the recruiter. That’s why candidates should develop positive behavioral patterns like smiley faces, enthusiasm about the job roles, etc.

Let’s come to the main top five pieces of advice. Every engineer should know about before going to interview –

Build Your In-depth Knowledge

It’s a good idea for engineers to collect knowledge of their related subject & impress the recruiter with your in-depth knowledge. This approach not only enhances your knowledge level but also makes your basics strong enough to solve any query in just a few seconds. 

Feel free to explain the basic concepts in your area of interest. In case, you are able to give concise but informative answers to the interviewer, you become their first choice. It is really hard for them to neglect a candidate well versed with the job he/she is supposed to do! 

Show your enthusiasm. Your interviewers will not only have a current role in mind but will also consider future projects that you can thrive on. When they see what you love, you will be the first person to come to mind when the right project begins to appear later!

Build Your Leadership Qualities

Nearly every  multi-corporation company looks for a candidate who has leadership qualities. If a company is running for a long time, it is just because of the characteristics of a good team leader who runs it with experience, a logical brain, in-depth knowledge, and at the same time, patience. 

Teamwork is essential to get success in an international company, as globalization brings us all closer together. Show that you can include being a key player on the team and how you have used team strength to complete projects successfully on time.

List Your Achievements

Your former work experience only makes your present interview successful. So, always remember every single detail (like tools, web pages, information research, strategy) of your successful project if the recruiter likes to discuss one of your successful projects or last projects. Then, you are able to satisfy the interviewer with the information offered. 

Your explanation should make the recruiter feel like you have worked hard on that project. This kind of preparation keeps you away from awkward silence situations.

Handling Unexpected Situations

The interview format is far different from your semester exams. Examiners assess your awareness about the specific topic, whereas the recruiter looks for practical knowledge of applying those concepts in the real world. To test this, they may give you some problems to solve that you have never experienced during your college time. 

The recruiter observes your way to handle the question. Therefore, always co-relate your knowledge with the outer world. Show the interviewer, how you can handle deadlines, pressure, and how reliable you are, through real life experiences, or even internship certificates stating the same.

Be Real

Last but not least, don’t try to show you are an expert. Just be true to yourself. Give your best and show qualities that your hirer would like to know. Apart from the technical knowledge, the company also looks for a trustworthy person to share their confidential information. It means you should be relaxed and composed during the interview process.

Therefore it is quite visible that you need to portray your personality and abilities within the few minutes of your interview. Hence if you are looking to learn basic skills like speaking and writing in English, GoSeeko is the best place. Here professional teachers train students to even develop personality and make it job-suitable, at the comfort of their homes. 
You can even learn programming languages, mentorship and placement skills along with coaching for exams like GATE, at just a single click! Learn a new skill today and get hired at your dream job!

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