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5 Upskilling Courses That Engineers Need

by Team Goseeko

The top companies across India, are always in search of engineers who come with professional skills. Companies don’t really want to invest much in the on-job training, hence it is essential for engineers to have those skills in you even before they join their first company.

Based on the suggestions of professionals, we have prepared a list of 5 upskilling courses that all engineers must do in order to crack any job interview. These skills are hotcakes in the industry. So if you master them, you need not worry about landing the dream job yours. 

Not only will it help you to have an edge over the rest of the candidates, but it will also ensure a higher pay-package.

Here are 5 Upskilling courses engineers need, in order to get in the top companies-

1. Programming Language Course

Every job description has one thing in common: basic programming knowledge. Even if you are an electronics student or mechanical, programming is used in all. Thermal power plants, robotics, textile machine control, microprocessor, automobile, IoT are all the industries where programming is used. 

Knowing how to code keeps you relevant in today’s programming-driven world. If you upskill your programming knowledge, you can contribute to bringing tech-driven innovations for the companies. Be it an IT or a core company, the heart of any firm is programming. That’s why it has become mandatory in every school to teach coding from the very early stage.

If you think you aren’t efficient in coding, programming language courses are just for you. To all those who want to upskill before sitting in an interview or brush up their skills, our programming language course is just for them. The objective is to provide you an industrial exposure to the programming languages like C, C++, JAVA and Python through this course.

To view details and enroll in our Programming Language course: Click Here 

2. Web Development

It is one of the must-have skill sets for engineers irrespective of their technical or non-technical backgrounds. In today’s world, every company has its own website and the key to any business model is mastering web development skills. It is a very easy to learn course which needs hardly a few weeks to master.

Mastering web development will provide the possibility of not only fetching jobs in India, but in foreign countries as well.  Learning our web development course will make you stand tall in the crowd of web developers. 

To view details and enroll in our web development course: Click Here

3. Big Data Analytics Course

Big Data aids organisations in harnessing data and searching for opportunities that can benefit them in operation, profit, and customer service. It is also the main foundation on which any organization starts its AI projects. Currently, the demand for the Big Data skillset is higher than the supply. As a result, candidates having this particular skill set will benefit hugely from high salaries and will outperform their competitors in the long run.

Our comprehensive course allows the candidates to dive deep into the world of Big Data, its key processes and industrial applications. Here, GoSeeko teaches about Big Data concepts like data warehousing, real-time processing, data processing and data analytics. The course also includes real-time case studies and projects that sharpen the practical skills of engineers. Candidates also get access to various tools like Java, Python, Spark, Hive, etc. 

To view details and enroll in our big data course: Click Here

4. Android Development

All the top organizations like Ola, Uber, Swiggy, Zomato, Instagram, Oyo, etc., are popular mainly because of their mobile-friendly services. With growing time, everything is available at your fingertips. Companies are looking to expand their services by making mobile apps their core products. For that, they are in a constant hunt for Android developers.

Whether you’re a novice or want to become an expert, there is no better time to upskill yourself by learning Android development through our course. You are taught basics first and ensured that everyone gets familiar with the Android framework internals by the end of the course.

If you master Android development, you will never lose your relevance in this market for years.

To view details and enroll in our android development course: Click Here

5. StartUp Course

Nothing can fetch you large chunks of money and pursue your dreams at the same pace as a startup. Creating an individual start-up has become achievable, thanks to the internet. But the main challenge lies in coming up with brilliant and smart strategies to tackle the adversities you face as you start your venture.

 Mostly, start-ups fail due to faulty business models, inadequate management skills, lack of real-time experiences and inability to identify market needs

Therefore, courses on start-up teach you to identify the market needs, and gives you a real-time experience by putting you in challenging situations. It also helps to enhance your decision-making. 

Nowadays, companies are also looking if candidates have an entrepreneurial spirit. So, this course will help those who are both budding entrepreneurs and want to crack a challenging job.

 To view details and enroll in our Personality Improvement courses : Click Here.

Now, it is important for a student to be hard working and dedicated towards such courses. That requires a trained teacher and a support that gives you the right direction.

For years, GoSeeko has been that academic help to students eager to learn about new courses. We are a dedicated team of professionals providing students with live lectures, on-demand MCQs, PPTs, lecture notes, question banks, individual chapters, for eager individuals. 

Explore your niche with GoSeeko, now!

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