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Top 10 Engineering Colleges in India

by Team Goseeko

All over India, around 1.5 million engineers pass out of engineering colleges as graduates. Hence it is not new that the demand for skilled engineers from engineering colleges, is always present. Engineering incorporates the usage of mathematics and science in the practical lives to make our lives easier.

The role of an engineer is especially very sensitive and skillful as they need to know about testing, evaluating, modifying installing, and designing various products and systems. Along with such hard skills like supervision, manufacture, and specification of materials, an engineer needs to have certain soft skills like the ability to inspect and discuss, conduct analysis, and even teach in engineering colleges as a profession.

Hence the students need to have an adequate understanding of the engineering courses. The process to find jobs and a secure future happens only when students get into the best and affiliated colleges of India. Therefore, GoSeeko presents the top 10 engineering colleges in India for students to apply in-

The Symbol of NIRF

*NIRF rank stands for the National Institutional Ranking Framework, initiated by the MHRD, Minister for Human Resource Development. In other words, this ranks the institutions, in this case engineering colleges, across India according to their quality educational level.

1. Indian Institute of Technology Madras, Tamil Nadu

NIRF Rank: 1

This highest-ranked engineering college in India is supremacy at its best. With a NIRF Parametric Score of 89.93, this technical institute has courses on several fields in both online & offline modes. The institute provides both graduates as well as post-graduate programs for students all around the world. These courses mainly focus on industrial needs and innovation, along with making opportunities for students. In other words, the students learn and acquire experiences for industries, even for teaching & researching.

IIT Madras is proud to have an environment that uses conventional methods of understanding and education. Although IIT Madras does not have industry interaction, however various consulting services are in the curriculum.

During several placement drives, recruiters take students according to their requirements. A student can also avail of the placement internships that are available and are an essential part.

2. Indian Institute of Technology Delhi, Delhi

NIRF Rank: 2

IIT Delhi provides three levels of courses for students from undergraduate, to post-graduate to doctoral ones. You can get admission into the institute via entrance examinations like JAM/CEED/GATE/JEE, in various fields. Therefore, with a minimum percentile in the latest examination, you can get admission into IIT Delhi.

In terms of placement, IIT Delhi has a reputation for having the top names as recruiters. Further, this institute has a separate team that organizes these Placement Programs asking the companies for the campus recruitment drive. This team generally consists of students and IIT faculties who shortlist candidates who are eligible for specific roles.

3. Indian Institute of Technology Bombay, Maharashtra

NIRF Rank: 3

The special factor of IIT Bombay is that the programs available are diverse and dynamic up to date & flexible in their way. Above all, the courses are student-friendly and the aim is to provide knowledge incorporating innovation in academics.

This mission of the institute gives rise to individuals who are capable of leading with their knowledge. This factor lures the top global recruiting companies to hire students affiliated with this institute. Several alumni have created a position for themselves in the world that is a testament to the fact that IIT Bombay is one of the best.

4. Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh

NIRF Rank: 4

One of the most prestigious institutes of India, IIT Kanpur has special fame attached to its name. The process of admission is through the examination JEE and the candidates who qualify for that round appear for the counseling round taken by JoSAA (The Joint Seat Allocation Authority).

Courses are available for Bachelors, Masters, and Doctorate for many streams. The procedure of entrance changes for a few courses hence, MBA pursuers need to appear for the CAT examination.

Although it has one of the toughest entrance examinations, the companies that offer placement to the students are famous globally. This process starts from the SPO( Students Placements Office). The companies hire the students based on tests, interviews, and pre-placement talks.

5. Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur, West Bengal

NIRF Rank: 5

Every engineering student in the entire country desires to be admitted to IIT Kharagpur . Accordingly, with a NIRF Parametric score of 80.56, it is one of the finest colleges in the country. There are many courses to choose between, in the Undergraduate, Postgraduate, Diploma and Doctorate levels.

To enlist your name in the institute, there are certain necessary steps. For instance, scoring the minimum percentage in the previous examination, qualifying in the entrance exams, and going through a personal interview round is required.

Similar to other such institutes, IIT Kharagpur has its own Career Development Cell that trains the students for the recruiting procedure and makes them skilled to get into the market sector.

6. Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee, Uttarakhand

NIRF Rank: 6

When you talk about engineers from a top institute, almost every time you will find a student from IIT Roorkee. The environment of positive competition and the upgrade in the usage of technology for the benefit of the students is the most positive factor of this institute. 

A student could take part in this diverse academic and globally acclaimed institute by qualifying in its specific IIT Roorkee admission exam for each course.

Moreover, along with providing the best placements by the Placement cell of IIT Roorkee, this institute boasts of its internships. It helps the students to understand more about the details of industries and their functions.

7. Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati, Assam

NIRF Rank: 7

From being one of the top institutes in Assam to becoming one of the top 10 most esteemed institutes in India, it has come a long way. Scoring 74.90 in the total of NIRF Parametric score, IIT Guwahati has 10 departments with 5 interdisciplinary centers. 

Having one of the best faculty and infrastructure, IIT Guwahati provides programs for Undergraduate, postgraduate, and Doctorate as well.

The placement opportunities are vast for the students of the institute are mostly skill-based, personality-based, and especially rewarding. The institute’s placement cell, the CCD( Centre for Career Development) helps the students to be shortlisted for various eminent companies. 

8. Indian Institute of Technology Hyderabad, Telangana

NIRF Rank: 8

IIT Hyderabad is one of the top 10 institutes to be famous for its research and inventory skill set of its students. This is basically due to its entrance being institute-based and admissions based on that test. Here several programs are given based on the result of various exams like JEE/ GATE/ JAM/ CEED/ DAT.

Top companies find their ideal match each year from the IIT Hyderabad Training and Placement Cell. Not only this, but IIT Hyderabad also has a special recruiting group of companies from Taiwan and Japan. In addition to this, students from this institute receive a chance to go to the top universities of the world like the University of California, USA, Tokyo, etc.

9. National Institute of Technology Tiruchirappalli, Tamil Nadu

NIRF Rank: 9

This institute has a total of 10 undergraduate and more than 25 post-graduate & doctorate programs. Every year students from all around the country apply to this university through the JEE or other such exams like GATE, CAT, etc. Not only that, but international students also have a reservation under the DASA scheme.

NITT Trichy is especially renowned for its pieces of training and assistance to the students aspiring to get jobs in the top companies. The special Department of Training and Placement helps the students to choose the right career path and thereby helping them get experience through the internships offered. Scoring 64.10 in the NIRF Parametric score, the internship experiences here are known to be the best in India.

10. Indian Institute of Technology Indore, Madhya Pradesh

NIRF Rank: 10

Finally, with a total score of 62.88 in the NIRF Parametric score, IIT Indore is one of the best 10 merit-based institutions of the entire nation. Be it the top-performing student history to the extraordinary faculty, this institute has had placements with students receiving almost as a package of 1.72 crores.

The department of training and placement is responsible for tutoring students who are successfully getting into the world’s best companies through their sheer merit and qualities.

In conclusion, engineering is one of the most demanding fields in the current period. Therefore, it is visible that a student does not only require hard work, but also experienced and professional help from teachers. GoSeeko has always been that guide for students longing for notes from professors, live lecture classes, MCQs about various courses (BA, B.Com, B.E., BBA, BAF).

For years, GoSeeko has been the academic help to stents eager to learn about new courses. We are a dedicated team of professionals providing students with outline training programs and stream-related books for eager individuals.

Therefore, if you want to get into the top engineering colleges of the country, log in to GoSeeko and understand more about the subjects you love!

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