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Top 7 Computer Science Jobs for Recent Graduates

by Kevin

If you are a first-year computer science engineering (CSE) student , you need to ask yourself – what are the best computer science jobs in the market? and how much do they pay.

As a CSE student, you will study subjects that identify with computers. For example, programming dialects, program plans, algorithms, computer hardware, etc.

We are becoming increasingly dependant on computers. As a result, there has been an increase in the number of employment opportunities for CSE graduates. 

There are many exciting career opportunities for computer science graduates! Here is a list of the best computer science jobs for recent graduates –

Computer Technical Support Specialist 

Expected yearly pay : 2 Lakhs INR

Computer Technical support specialists solve issues of computer users. They run diagnostic programs to find the cause of problems and resolve them. Additionally, they write training manuals, train users, and look after computer information systems.

The primary duties and work of a computer technical support specialist include :

  • Analyzing and investigating computer equipment and programming issues.
  • Assisting customers with programming and cloud applications.
  • Log and raise uphold calls, messages, emails.

Web designer 

Expected yearly pay : 2 Lakhs INR

The main tasks of Web designers include planning, creating, and coding web sites and pages. This involves creating a brand new website or working on an existing site.

The primary duties and work of a web designer include : 

  • Talking with customers and building up the requirements and inclinations of a web design
  • Coding, designing, and maintaining websites 
  • Creating easy to use web pages that are easy to explore 

Programming Quality Assurance (QA) Engineer 

Expected yearly pay : 6 Lakhs INR

The main task of a programming quality assurance (QA) engineer includes monitoring each cycle of the development process. Additionally, ensuring that the design and software are according to company standards. 

Their primary duties and work include: 

  • Using test mechanization programs to evaluate the usefulness and ease of items 
  • Checking item performance, running tests, and contrasting the outcomes and underlying assessments 
  • Using bug reporting software to report issues 

Computer System Analyst 

Expected yearly pay : 3 Lakhs INR

Computer system analysts use brand new technology in present computer systems and procedures. They analyse cost-benefit to make sure it’s financially sound and is good for the company. Additionally, they give technology design solutions after analyzing business needs and information technology.

Their primary duties and work include: 

  • Researching and assessing new technologies 
  • Distinguishing the equipment and programming needs of associations 
  • Testing frameworks and training new developers 

Security Consultant 

Expected yearly pay: 6 Lakhs INR

The main task of Security Consultants includes using protective measures to protect sensitive client information and data. Furthermore, they check security systems, analyse potential breaches, and resolve security risks or weaknesses.

Their primary duties and work include: 

  • Evaluating likely dangers and executing preventive measures 
  • Planning and improving information security frameworks 
  • Making plans for a crisis such as information loss or leakage 

Software Developer 

Expected yearly pay : 4 Lakhs INR 

Mainly, a software developer is creates computer software. The developers identify areas for changes in existing programs and then develop those changes. This includes writing and implementing efficient codes for developing and maintaining software.

Their primary duties and work include: 

  • Creating and investigating different applications and programming for customers 
  • Testing programs and making definite reports 

Site Reliability Engineer (SRE) 

Expected yearly pay: 8 Lakhs INR

An SRE applies the rules of engineering and computer science to the development of computer systems. In addition, they act as a bridge between development and operations through the application of a software engineering mindset to solve system administration issues. 

Their primary duties and work include: 

  • Creating frameworks and programs that improve site dependability 
  • Giving support over call and overseeing site 
  • Working together on planned arrangements with product engineers 
  • Guaranteeing that programming conveyance pipeline is effective 


These are some of the best computer science jobs for graduates. These occupations are highly demanded in the industry, and subsequently, are very rewarding.

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