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What is Project Planning?

by Team Goseeko

A Project planning is an iterative process that communicates the approach and intent of Project manager.

The Project planning is the longest and most important phase of the project cycle. Without proper planning, a project has a poor chance of success.

A Project Plan will provide the details of the processes so that one can use it for execution of work.

Team members must decide on budget, set timelines, and identify resources and constraints.

The team should verify the availability of material, resources for on-time project completion.

How Project planning is done?

  • The first step in project planning is to research the objective that the project aims to address. A good research will enable the project manager to develop a complete understanding of the objective.
  • We interviewed the key stakeholders for the Research. The project manager needs to understand the purpose of initiation of project and the targeted aims.
  • The success of the project brings a clear understanding on the part of Project manager and key stakeholders as to motive and end the result of the project.
  • The Key Stakeholders and Project managers should develop the vision for end result of the project.

Project Planning shortly means-

  1. Defining and understanding the objective of the project.
  2. Breaking the project into major tasks.
  3. Analyzing the resource requirement for the completion of tasks.
  4. We estimate the incurred cost on each task.
  5. Estimating the duration for completion of each task within the project.

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