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What is Programming?

by Team Goseeko

Programming is a collaborative effort between humans and machines. It is the process of putting logic into action in order to make certain computing operations and functions easier. Moreover, it can happen in one or more languages, depending on the application, domain, and programming paradigm.

Simply explained, programming is the process of giving a computer a set of instructions to follow. Further, if you’ve ever cooked from a recipe, imagine yourself as a computer and the recipe’s creator as a programmer. The author of the recipe gives you a series of instructions to read and then follow. In addition, The more complicated the instructions are, the more complicated the outcome will be.

As we all know, we require a special language to interact with people; similarly, programmers need a language called Programming language (PL) to speak with machines.

A PL is a computer language use to connect with computers by programmers (developers). In addition, it is a series of instructions written in any language to execute a certain activity (C, C++, Java, Python).

Additionally, PL are mainly use to create desktop apps, websites, and mobile apps.

The logic of this languages varies depending on the developer. At a high level, good code can be assess using criteria such as:

  • Robustness  – Focuses on the capacity to continue a program despite faults or inaccurate data.
  • Reliability  – The emphasis is on proper design and algorithm implementation.
  • Efficiency  – Focuses on memory, hardware, and other features that can be leverage to improve program performance.
  • Readability  – The availability of proper documentation and indentation, which provides insight to other programmers or designers.

Types of Programming Language

  1. Low – Level PL
  2.  High – Level PL
  3. Middle – Level PL

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