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Online Learning – The New Normal

by Team Goseeko

Online learning is a new concept for the Indian education system. For a country that places heavy emphasis on classroom learning, the emergence of a online education system has only been due to an unprecedented situation presented by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Adapting to online learning can be difficult, especially if you have never used online learning platforms or attended online lectures. But there’s nothing to worry about, we have a few tips for you to adjust seamlessly to online learning.

Create A Time Table

Attending lectures from home means you save a lot of time. You do not need to wake up hours before you attend lectures, you don’t waste any time travelling to your university and back. Given that you gain multiple hours a day, be sure to use them wisely.

The best way to efficiently utilize time is to make a time table. In addition to allotting time for your daily classes integrate time to complete your assignments and readings for the next day.

The best technique is to spread out your tasks throughout the day. Take a break after attending your morning classes and then focus on completing any assignments in the afternoon.

But do not utilize the time that you usually dedicate to studying into watching TV or other non-study related activities. Because even though you might not be going to school, the exams are going to come all the same.


Dedicate A Study Place

The best way to ensure that you focus during class is to sit at a desk just like you do at college. Do not lie down on a sofa or bed, sit on a chain, and place your laptop on a desk. It’s a known fact that sitting at a desk helps in improving attention. 

Additionally, choose a place in your home that is quiet. In a classroom, having a teacher in front of you makes you pay attention. But sitting in front of a screen you need to make sure you aren’t distracted. Depending on the type of study method used by your teacher, have the study material in front of you. Keep the textbook on your desk or PowerPoint open on your laptop when attending the class.

Remember not to scribble on the table, or else you know what your mom will do!

Online Learning Needs Discipline

Having discipline is the most important aspect of excelling in online learning. Attend online lectures with the same mindset that you would in a classroom setting. Wake up at least an hour before the lecture and position yourself at your desk 15 minutes prior to your lecture. During the lecture focus your attention on what is being taught, take notes and list any questions you might have.

Additionally, do your best to stick to the time-table you made for yourself. When you attend school you follow a routine. The goal is to create a similar routine for studying at home. At first, it might be difficult, however, within two weeks you will get used to it.

Try and structure your whole day around your lectures. If your lectures start at 9 am, do not stay up late at night. Lack of sleep will affect your ability to pay attention in the morning. Conversely, if you have lectures in the afternoon, utilize your morning completing readings or assignments.

Utilize All Resources at Your Disposal

In addition to resources provided by your university, take advantage of other learning resources available online.

Let’s say you have a doubt about the concept of supply and demand. You read through your textbook but have questions that you were unable to clarify with your teacher during the lecture. Instead of waiting for the next day to ask, you can utilize Glossaread’s platform to read professor made notes on that topic.

Furthermore, Glossaread has more educational resources that any single college can provide to a student. You can utilize audio-learning, video lectures and more to supplement your college lectures and gain a better understanding of your subjects.

But remember, utilize your teacher as your primary source of learning and always pay attention during online lectures.

Follow Online Learning Etiquettes

If you are new to attending online classes, here are a few basic etiquettes to follow –  

  • Mute your microphone when you are not speaking.
  • Ensure your room’s light does not directly point to the camera if you are part of a video call
  • Sit in a quiet place in your house while on call to avoid distractions or disturbance to other participants
  • Do not speak when others are speaking on the call.

Lastly, understand that your teachers and classmates are new to online learning too. They might be facing the same difficulties as you in understanding the software, managing time, etc. Don’t be afraid to seek out help. Reach out to your teachers after class via email if you have additional questions.

Make a Whatsapp group where you and your friends share notes taken during class. This will be beneficial if someone has internet problems during class or is unable to attend due to other reasons.

At first you might find online learning difficult to adapt to. But, remember that it is basically the same as attending in-person classes, just that you are doing it over the internet.

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